2015 in Lists: Week 20

Who has seen some pictures of graduations lately?

*everyone raises their hand*

Graduation season is in full swing (don’t you love how it overlaps with wedding season?) and I’ve said Congratulations to so many people the past weekend and I will be saying it for a few more weeks that it reminded me of my law school graduation last year.

Anyway, when I told someone Congrats this weekend, my friend kinda blew it off, “oh thanks, no big deal.” I grabbed her hand and was like “No. This is a HUGE deal! You should be PROUD of yourself!” She blushed and I was slightly more happy.

But that got me thinking, what were some other things that we should be proud of but, for one reason or another, we aren’t. These are things that can range from big, hello graduation, to small, hi there loading the dishwasher for the first time in a week.

So this week’s prompt is:

List what you should be proud of

hells yeah


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Have an awesome week!