Presently Speaking

green shoes


Feeling: Excited! I’ve got some really interesting cases coming up in my court, some with defenses that haven’t been seen around the courthouse for a while and some that might let me get to do things that not many baby prosecutors get to do. They’re going to be a lot of work but I cannot wait to be studying up on my code book!

Reading: The Stuff that Never Happened by Maddie Dawson. Well written and it definitely grabbed me at the beginning but I’m not sure how I feel about it. It both weirds me out and makes me smile like the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love did. Has anyone else read this book?

Listening to: Meghan Trainor’s Dear Future Husband and old school Janet Jackson. They’ve been on repeat and I’m still chuckling over how on point Trainor’s lyrics are.

Thankful for: My education. I see so many people who have dropped out of school or who just do not care about furthering themselves and I am so thankful that I had a parent who never let me question if I was going to school or not. I’m also very thankful that she would let me bring a book to social functions even though she wanted to take it from me every time. #readingatrestaurants

Thinking about: how I found the perfect black maxi dress at Target this past weekend! I’ve already worn it three times, don’t worry I washed it! But seriously, it’s not to short on me which is an exceptional find in and of itself, but its also soft and has the perfect tank top. I’ve been looking for the perfect black maxi for probably 2+ years and it’s crazy that I actually found one at Target no less! I’ve seriously looked all over.

Eating: Oatmeal. Afte having some oatmeal at the Hyatt Resort this past weekend I’ve been craving it like nothing else in the morning. Adding brown sugar, cinnamon, bananas, and raisins make it even better.

Watching: The Smithsonian Channel. It’s what the History Channel should be. There are no aliens, swamp people, or bounty hunters/repo men. It’s historically accurate and visually appealing. I’m hooked.

Loving: Playing volleyball. I’m getting out more now and it makes me feel like I’m not as much of a recluse anymore. I should look into other things that I can schedule on my calendar in pink. Pink = fun. (black = death… like working out)

Looking forward to: Looking at properties with my mama tomorrow! I might be getting out of this apartment with the person who likes to clog and throw things on floor at all hours of the day and night.

What’s up with you?