Walk 10K steps a day

Ever since I got my fitbit it’s been my goal to walk 10,000 steps a day and boy oh boy it’s not easy. (I will say running a mile a day with my friend is majorly helping)

I’d like to say that there are some easy steps to take to get your 10,000 steps a day but then I would be lying. In reality sometimes I only get 3k because let’s face it walking from counsel table to the witness stand doesn’t exactly get the ticker ticking. I was going to say blood pumping but in my case it actually does.

But for the past two weeks I’ve made a real effort to try and get to my 10k steps. Here are some of the changes that I’ve made.


1. Walk in the AM/PM. I’ve started to get up 30 minutes earlier so I can take Winston on a short walk to tire him out for the day and to get my steps going first thing in the morning. When I can stay awake I take him for another short walk right before bed.

2. Don’t wait, get it now. At work or at home if I need something I get it. If I send something to the printer I go get it instead of waiting after I send five more things. If I have to get a file I go get it right then, I don’t wait to think about the other three files I need. Same at home, if I need a glass of water, go get it. When bringing dinner to the table I take four trips: one for the plate, one for the water, one for wine, etc.

3. Whistle Stand While you Work. My office has standing desks and I’ve found that when I stand I get more steps. Mainly because I walk to my bookshelf or the end of my desk instead of reaching or rolling my chair over. Every little bit counts right?

4. Pace. When I’ve only got about 5 minutes and I’m just waiting for something, like a meeting or before lunch, I pace. It might be around my office or in the hallways but I just walk. I’ve gotten a couple hundred steps that way, kinda boring, but effective.

5. Dance party. Yup, dance party. At the end of the day I do a little dance party. You can get over 1k steps by a short(ish) dance party.



Do you have a fitbit? Add me on your app (duchessofplumewood or katherine nolden) and we can get the workweek hustle challenge going! Or you can challenge me to a daily showdown! Free ad space if you beat me!



  • http://www.theeveryday-elegance.com/ Courtney Kincaid

    Both my mom and I have been wanting fitbits for a while! Maybe one day… Good luck on your goal!

    • katherinenolden@gmail.com

      Some of the fitbits are getting really inexpensive now! My mom and I love having them together!