Weekend in Austin

Here’s a few shots from my weekend in Austin:

more sbux

had to get some sbux before getting through the list of things my mom had for me to accomplish. isn’t it better when you say accomplish rather than do? like I’m going to ACCOMPLISH these things today instead of just do them… I don’t know, maybe I’m full of it.


I spent some time outside with my mom when the rain finally cleared up

blouse // shorts

umbrellait was raining early Sunday but we braved the rain and made it to Kerbey Lane Cafe… obviously. neither rain nor shine nor blizzard nor plague of locusts will stop me from Kerbey


those dirty paws and red snout are a sign of a pup that has just ran his little butt off on the golf course and stuck his inquisitive nose into every single thing he could reach

pinkwe got to put Jane’s Mother’s Day gift up outside! hello Lilly for Target umbrella, it’s so Jane

  I’m off to a hockey game tonight with some co-workers that I scored free tickets to! Pretty excited for a day spent getting my office in order and my files up to date!

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fun?