Weekend Links


What you might have missed here in Plumewood:

Just another reason sunscreen is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you put on every day

Are you all caught up with The 2015 List Project?

I’ve had a few more chances to get my awkward flirt on… how about you?

Which of the grown up Mac & Cheeses have you tried yet?

So I guess CSI is leaving the airways (true? rumor?) but just remember it will never be gone from my life



What you might have missed on the Web:

I can’t decide if I like this make up trend or if I have flash backs to middle school

A movie dance scene compilation that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face

Need em. Want em. Gotta catch em all. Just kidding, they’re shoes not pokemon

Pick 2 to do this weekend and you’ll make both your life better and probably someone else’s as well

I guess this is my shopping list

Quite interesting to see what is NOT actually in the Constitution

Who wants to lend me some $ to get this entire outfit? I could basically be Prince Harry’s new GF in this…

What are your thoughts on having the “weed talk“?

Have a wonderful weekend!


I get to go visit Jane and a few friends in Austin this weekend, and I’ve gotten wrangled into helping with a garage sale too! Let’s hope I make some cash monies!


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