2015 in Lists: Week 24

I was really sick this week and let’s face it, for at least one day I barely got out of bed. Not going to lie, one day the only reason I left my apartment was to get medicine and a diet coke.

So besides only when you’re sick, what are some of the things that keep you trucking on?

This week’s prompt:

List the things that keep you going

diet coke

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Drinking Wine and Feeling Fine

napa 3


Napa! What a fantastic and inebriated trip! Here are some of the (in my opinion) better snaps from my trip last weekend!

IMG_5804 napa 4 IMG_5853IMG_5702napa 5 IMG_5764 IMG_5746


We did Napa in two days and I could have stayed for an entire week! Eight wineries in two days was… interesting. The first day we biked and I couldn’t recommend that more, it was a beautiful day and you didn’t feel so bad about actually drinking the wine since you were going to go bike another mile to get to the next winery. Plus, the bike company brings you lunch at your “lunch time” winery stop and there was a fantastic selection. If you bike make sure you read up on California’s Cycling under the Influence law (yeah I’m not joking) and stay in the bike lane!

The second day we visited wineries that were a little farther away from each other so we rented a limo, there were nine of us after all and it was a bachelorette party! Some of my favorite wineries were Regusci, Clos du Val, and Domaine Caneros.

Regusci’s staff were amazing and incredibly friendly. Plus, they have the cutest puppy running around, puppies and wine, how can it get better?

Clos du Val’s grounds are beautiful and they make a wonderful place to have lunch and to get some pictures in the vines. The pictures where you see the building covered in greenery in Clos du Val.

Domaine Caneros was quite possibly my favorite because it’s Champagne. I could have done all my tastings there. Tip: ask to try some of their other bottles, they’ll let you and then you might find yourself buying one or two… not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

I would recommend a trip to Napa for everyone! I feel like you could visit with a few different groups of people and never have the same trip twice!

What are you favorite wineries in Napa?


Chills and Thrills

Napa was ah-mazing! We biked on our winery tour the first day, yes you read that correctly biked before/during/after drinking wine. I’m not saying a member or two of our group fell off their bikes but I’m not denying that either…

I wanted to find a dress that I could bike in yet still was like ‘Oh hey let me walk through these vineyards and drink wine and not look like bum” Turns out they don’t have that section in stores… Then I found this dress and I was sold!


dress // tennis shoes // hat // bracelets: red coins, red wrap (similar) // sunnies // purse (similar)

IMG_5756 IMG_5683 IMG_5676 IMG_5663IMG_5647 IMG_5638


Glass of wine anyone?


2015 in Lists: Week 23

This past weekend in Napa, stay tuned for pictures, we kept saying #firstworldproblems, we were drunk no judgment. But it got me thinking, yeah if we had to we could live without cell phones, internet, etc butsince that is probably not going to happen anytime soon, unless we have some apocalyptic situation surprise us, what are those things that I feel like I need?

This week’s prompt is:

What are your 21st Century needs?

phone and purse


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I hope your week is wonderful!