Royal Warrant Holder: S’well

You might be asking yourself what exactly is a Royal Warrant Holder? A Royal Warrant is not like a criminal warrant that yours truly is used to working with in her day job. A Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition to those who supply goods or services to the royal households.

This series is those shops and makers who this royal household (aka The Duchess and Sir Winston) purchase goods and services from.


Royal Warrant Holder

S’well Water Bottles

swell 4

Who needs to drink more water each day? Everyone except my mother and my carpool buddy who both drink an elephant’s weight in water each day should be raising their hands. But hey if I”m going to drink more water I need to basically carry a water bottle with me at all times and the water needs to be cold because I’d rather not drink water the same temperature as a Texas day. If I carry this bottle with me I throw it in my bag and my bag is usually filled with important things that cannot get wet like court files and evidence. (yeah canNOT get wet/ruined)


So I had a few requirements in the water bottles that make the cut:

1. keep my water cold

2. don’t leak/sweat

3. look cute


swell 5

S’well water bottles are amazing.

Hands down my favorite water bottles I’ve ever tried.

Not only does this water bottle come in many different designs and colors (I choose the one with hearts on it) but it doesn’t sweat or leak and it keeps my beverage FREEZING.

I’ve grabbed this out of my bag and found it upside down and there was no leakage and no ‘sweatage.’ Let’s talk about the temperature for a sec. I put ice in this bottle in the AM and it still there in the PM. I repeat there is still ice in my bottle when I go to sleep.

swell 2

Hope you get your own S’well bottle and chug some water like I’m starting to do now!