Drinking Wine and Feeling Fine

napa 3


Napa! What a fantastic and inebriated trip! Here are some of the (in my opinion) better snaps from my trip last weekend!

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We did Napa in two days and I could have stayed for an entire week! Eight wineries in two days was… interesting. The first day we biked and I couldn’t recommend that more, it was a beautiful day and you didn’t feel so bad about actually drinking the wine since you were going to go bike another mile to get to the next winery. Plus, the bike company brings you lunch at your “lunch time” winery stop and there was a fantastic selection. If you bike make sure you read up on California’s Cycling under the Influence law (yeah I’m not joking) and stay in the bike lane!

The second day we visited wineries that were a little farther away from each other so we rented a limo, there were nine of us after all and it was a bachelorette party! Some of my favorite wineries were Regusci, Clos du Val, and Domaine Caneros.

Regusci’s staff were amazing and incredibly friendly. Plus, they have the cutest puppy running around, puppies and wine, how can it get better?

Clos du Val’s grounds are beautiful and they make a wonderful place to have lunch and to get some pictures in the vines. The pictures where you see the building covered in greenery in Clos du Val.

Domaine Caneros was quite possibly my favorite because it’s Champagne. I could have done all my tastings there. Tip: ask to try some of their other bottles, they’ll let you and then you might find yourself buying one or two… not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

I would recommend a trip to Napa for everyone! I feel like you could visit with a few different groups of people and never have the same trip twice!

What are you favorite wineries in Napa?


Jamaica II

The town of Negril was pretty small and low key, read not much tourist stuff, but we did manage to find some shopping. While it wasn’t the trip where I ended up drunk in a foreign wal-mart at midnight, it was interesting to see and experience the Jamaican experience. And then of course the beach jewels and neon t-shirts that say One Love Jamaica. You got to have both worlds… 

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Negril, Jamaica

This past weekend I was in Jamaica celebrating my mom’s birthday! Although I was sick for part of it, damn stomach bug, there was still some sun and culture soaking! I loved the vibrant part of the Jamaican culture, even if the men were a tad forward, it was exciting to be immersed in another culture! 

PS apparently Winston took over while I was away? Naughty puppy!


Belize: Caye Caulker

We traveled to Caye Caulker for a day after swimming with sharks and snorkeling on the reef (where I touched a sea turtle!!!!). It was such a laid back place where we got lunch on the side of the dirt road, drank some coconut milk, drank some “lizard juice” and talked with the locals.

There are no cars on the island just bikes and golf carts and most of the locals don’t even wear shoes. Can you imagine just living your life with no cars and no shoes and just eating what you catch from the sea? Belize is so incredible!

Belize: Swimming with Sharks

We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

If you know me you know there are three things that I am deathly afraid of: snakes, spiders, and sharks. I am terrified of those things, I shake, I cry, and I have nightmares of those horrible animals. Screw heights, the dark, public speaking etc but Sx3 terrify me. So when I put #12 on my Birthday Bucket List I was thinking that I would take one of my smaller fears and confronting it. I would have NEVER dreamed that an opportunity would come that I could confront one of the Big Three. But there we were in Belize on a snorkel trip going to Hol Chan Marine Reserve Reef and then dun dun Shark Ray Alley. (cue the tears) Now everyone on the boat was trying to reassure me that they were only nurse sharks and they don’t hurt people and they are so safe but I was sitting there shaking and saying “but they are SHARKS!” It took a lot for me to jump in that water and SWIM WITH and TOUCH A SHARK but I did it.

Was it worth it? Yeah. Just don’t ask how fast I climbed out of that water…

You better Belize it!

What a wonderful time in Belize! Everything and everyone was on ‘island’ time and it was just what I needed! A couple things I learned in Belize…

1) Rum Punch makes you bullet proof
2) The water is really warmer than the cold air
3) Put your sun screen underneath your swim suit straps
4) You don’t need a lot to have a good life
5) Don’t plug in too many hair appliances or your plugs will blow up

We stayed on Ambergris Caye at Pelican Reef Villas which is owned by an Aggie (Whoop!) and it was incredibly beautiful! The first two days were cold, as in 65-70 degrees, but when you’re in a swim suit it’s freezing! The drink of Belize is Rum Punch and our hotel concoction was the only thing I drank the whole time… I would go back just for their rum punch. The last two days heated up and we had such an amazing time! Belize you stole my heart and I was considering “missing” my flight!

What a great way to celebrate my mom’s birthday with so many people I love!