Turkey: Part IV + A Giveaway

Here are the last of my photos from Turkey! These photos are from Konya and Goreme, which were an amazing end to an even more amazing trip!
To celebrate me finally letting go of this trip (well on the blog at least) I have a giveaway for you of presents that I specifically brought back from Turkey! 

In Konya I was hit with the lovely stomach bug that was making it’s way through our group and therefore I was MIA for basically the entire stay in Konya. I got to see some sights on the walk from the hotel to dinner the first night and that was about it.
the felt makers in Konya are world famous
This area of Turkey is known as Cappadocia and is famous for the fairy chimneys that are formed out of the rock after hundreds of thousands of years. 

right after a long sweaty hike I said “I am craving some melon” and then a wagon of melons rolls by. The entire group bursts into laughter! Kismet. 
these were churches carved into the mountains, some had frescos that survived the change of religion, but no pictures were allowed inside
 goreme is also famous for it’s pottery, which is still all handmade by family businesses 

Now for the giveaway! Most people have heard of Turkish towels, there are many different kinds, sizes, and qualities. Some are made of pure Turkish cotton, some bamboo, and the cheap ones are made from a crappy kind of cotton that I wouldn’t let Winston sleep on. Personally I brought back four for myself. Two I’m using as bath towels, one a throw blanket in my living room, and one I’m holding back for spring for picnics, or any time I need a lovely piece of fabric between me and itchy grass. I also brought home two small tea sized towels for my kitchen. Which I’m afraid to use because I don’t want to get them dirty! Ahhhh the dilemmas. 

Anyway, for you lovely readers I have brought back one Purple and White 100% Turkish cotton full sized towel and one matching Tea Towel. 

this is the size of the large towel

Use the rafflecoptor giveaway to enter below! The giveaway ends Monday at 10pm! Winner will be announced and contacted by the email you used to sign into the widget! 
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Good Luck! 

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Turkey: III

Enjoy shots from Pamukkale, Kayakoy, and our sailing trip along the Turquoise Coast!



the sleeping giant

{The Turquoise Coast}

In Pamukkale we visited the World Heritage site where there are thermal pools and travertines. There is also a necropolis of the city that is basically still buried under the hills. An amazing roman era theatre has been excavated and gave us all chills as you can see where the gladiators and lions were let loose from under the stage. Also, the sheer size and magnitude of the theatre was incredible. We swam in a hot springs pool that, in it’s original grandeur, Cleopatra swam in! Hey if Cleo had to try it you know the Duchess did…

Kayakoy is the ghost town that was home to Greeks before the great Greek-Turkish population exchange. After those Greek living in Turkey were forced to emigrate the town was left to decay. The culture of the Turkish people is that it is bad luck to live in someone’s house where there has been bad karma (so to speak). We also hiked the Lycian trail, which was both lovely and an intense workout. It was also a historical geek fest for me. I mean the LYCIAN TRAIL! 

Sailing along the Turquoise Coast was quite possibly the most fun part of our trip! Living for two days on a boat, sailing up and down the mix of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, sleeping on the deck looking up at millions of stars, stopping to see an ancient roman castle, and swimming every day (following sea turtles!!!!!!!!), I mean rough life right? 

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Turkey: Part II

Continuing my adventures in Turkey! These pictures are from Bursa and Selcuk {Ephesus}


In Bursa we observed whirling dervish ceremony and the tombs of some Ottoman Sultans. It was also a great place to people watch and just wander the streets.
In the ancient city of Ephesus we got to explore through the parts of the city that have been excavated so far. Only about 20% of the city has been excavated so far, which, when you’re walking those cobblestone streets, seems crazy because this place is HUGE. And it isn’t even half of the city! Ephesus has some crazy historical significance, it’s one of the seven churches cited in the Book of Revelations, the Gospel of John might have been partially written there, the Library of Celsus was the third largest library in the ancient world, rivaling Alexandria, and the Temple of Artemis which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. 

In Selcuk we got to eat hand/homemade Gozleme. It’s like the Turkish version of the crepe. Crepes will always take the number 1 place in my heart but Gozleme was pretty darn good! We also got to visit the national rug heritage museum, where they still hand make Turkish rugs. 

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Check back tomorrow for a giveaway from the lovely HM Willow! I wore her designs all around Turkey and tomorrow it’s your chance to win your own Willow Stack!