Kimbell Museum, Fort Worth

I (finally) got to see one of my good friends from high school this weekend, Wes, and we decided to go see the Bernini exhibit at the Kimbell Museum while we caught up. Well at the beginning there was a lot of catching up so much that we just sat and had some tea, well Wes went the coffee route, and talked.

Talked about everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Seriously everything. And boy did he make me think about things. Things that I thought I already knew for sure, things that I didn’t know I would ever think about, things that are probably going to make my life way better. Plus it was verbal word play with Wes and I’m pretty sure my oral argument skills got a workout, a watch-out-I-can-hold-my-own workout. But I left the Kimbell not only culturally enlightened but personally enlightened as well. So I’d go ahead and say I had a very productive weekend.

The Bernini exhibit had his sketches of his sculpture visions, then the clay models he made which were set next to gigantic black and white photos of his sculptures. Since you can’t really take the sculptures that make up Rome’s public sights and ship them around the world.

It was really interesting to see the steps in the process of sculpting. I mean you think about all the prep work and then he has to sit down and produce his vision out of a solid block of marble. Amazing. Seriously amazing. I really really want to go back to Rome and see the Borghese Gallery which houses most of Bernini’s sculptures (those that are not parts of fountains or in the Vatican that is). The sculputre I most want to see is Pluto and Proserpina. In photos is looks so incredibly lifelike and I really want to see if in person so I can just stare at it. For a long time.

You weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibit. Boo.

state fair of texas

This past weekend my Dad, Stepmom, Luke, and Jordan came into town and we headed over to the state fair for the day! We spent the day riding rides, looking at animals, and eating fried food. Oh yeah and listening to the beautiful sounds of the Longhorns getting beat by OU! Winston had to be left at home so in case he was feeling left out we got him a huge bone and mini ‘fair food’, a cheeseburger and an enchilada.

welcome home

So after about a month in Dallas I feel like everything is in its place! I turned some of my pinterest inspirations into reality and then added a little katherine flair to other things! Most of the furniture was already mine (I did need a new couch, chairs for the “dining table” which is actually a nightstand, and the bookshelves in my closet) and then I switched other things up! Here’s a little peek into my home.

bookcase in my room

le closet… I really need to get creative

my jewels

my inspiration board and small necklaces

my organized laundry room/area

all my lovely bday cards and my kitchen

the books on my coffee table

my picture of the Mall in London that I took myself and the black thing is a facinator from London

someone’s happy to be home on the new couch

Balloon Festival

This weekend me and a couple friends went out to the Plano Balloon Festival. There were so many people there we were fighting crowds the whole time! But it was a great experience! We saw so many interesting vendors and sights! We got to see the balloons lift off and then later in the evening they came back and all lit up together! What an amazing sight! We threw some baseballs at the dunk tank to dunk a Plano police officer, their tag line was “Dunk him, I bet he gave you a ticket sometime!” Jessica got some roasted corn and we looked at the hillbilly kettle corn.

What a great time!

the Dallas flea

My friend Alex and I visited the Dallas Flea this past weekend! It was really interesting to walk through all the vendors and see what they had made, found, and up-cycled! We saw some beautiful jewelry, some snazzy artwork and a few extremely expensive items that had Alex and I look at each other and go “seriously?”!

We had such a wonderful time! Can’t wait for the next one!

Harry Potter Trivia

Well maybe I’m not the all knowing Harry Potter trivia nerd that I thought I was… we got 10th… out of 42! So that is pretty good! There 8 rounds, and questions encompassed everything from Pottermore information, Arithmancy (math with Harry Potter), Dark Arts, and Audio/Visual questions. This place was PACKED! They were expecting about 10 teams and then 42 showed up… it took FOREVER! Seriously, four hours for 8 rounds is a little excessive. Anyway, it was a bunch of fun and it was hilarious to hear all the team names! We were the Team Who Must Not Be Named; some of the other favorite teams were: Your Mom’s A Horcrux, Twin Snitches, and #swagrid.

 the Team Who Must Not Be Named

the visual round: name the obscure characters from the movies…
(clockwise from top L: Nigel, Ernie McMillan, John Dawlish, Augusta Longbottom, Mrs. Figg, Blaize Zambini, Mafalda, Hannah Abbott)
Like the kid cups? I felt it was sort of appropriate since there was a wizard on it! 

Labor Day Weekend

My mom came into town for Labor Day weekend and we spent it playing with Winston & Poppy, putting some finishing touches on the apartment and exploring the restaurants around my place!

I might be a tad dressed up for Lowe’s… what do you think?

she tuckered out Winston every single day
we say a hilarious movie “For a Good Time, Call…” go for a great laugh!

got a beautiful birthday present from mom on my finger

loved having her here for the weekend! Can’t wait to see her in a few weeks when I make the (thankfully short!) trip to Austin!