This. Is. Beautiful.

I’ve watched this and it brought tears to my eyes. Please enjoy. It’s the NYC Ballet and it is incredibly moving. They released it at dawn on 9/12/13 with this quote: “Our hope is that 9/12 can now be rebranded as a day of optimism and new beginnings.” 
And yes, that is the new One World Trade Center lit up right behind them.

Chills people. Chills. 

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You would think from the title of this post that you’re going to read all about sweets and carbs and reality tv but actually no. I have been craving dance lately, yes, dance. If you’re about to tell me that you cannot crave a sport/art form then you’re crazy. I have been looking at old dance photos, watching any dance video I can get my hands on, and choreographing in my apartment (for whom? myself).

I kinda want to ditch law school and open up a studio. Is that crazy?

Please tell me I’m not crazy

old times from the attic

We went through the entire garage and attic yesterday because we are having a garage sale and since I’m  packing for my move to Minnesota, and we found some interesting things!
my baby from when I was little! We are washing her outfit! Good times!

My tutu from the Sound of Music recital! We danced to ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ 

My Wedding Barbie outfit from my Barbie birthday party! Aunt Terry made it for me! I was basically the coolest Barbie there!

My bluebird costume from the Snow White recital! Can you believe how TINY I was?!?! So adorable!


ZTA is the Stompfest champions for 2011! Whoop! After all that hard work of mine and Savannah’s it was rewarded with the first place trophy (and a lot of criticism and mean remarks from other sororities today, such as “it was fixed” etc) Not cool guys, we put in a lot of hard work and no where in our stomp show did we say we were the best or that you should pledge our sorority or die. But in the end we are the ones with trophy. Winners. Here are some videos and photos that document our greatness!

Our “promo” video that we showed to the chapter!
Everyone with the trophy!

Savannah and me with our first place trophy! I’m a tad sweaty from all that hard work

Janae’ and I before the show!

Savannah, Nick and I waiting for the announcement!

Oh yeah.
Front page of the school’s paper The Battalion today! yay Zeta, yay Stompfest! 

This is our winning Stompfest routine! WHOOP!

such a good weekend!

Over the weekend I went back to Austin to preform in Escapade (again after 4 years!) to celebrate Valk’s 15th year as SunDancer Director! About 20+ of her officers from the past 15 years came back to dance for her! 
these are the “young officers,” aka those of us who were Kim’s (current assistant director) officers, at the secret practice saturday!

after Escapade most of my Officer line running at and hugging Valk! She’s in the middle you just cant see her! 

All in all a wonderful weekend!

teaching and COSGA

Erine and Cortney! 

dang my face is weird

and a 5, 6, 7 and 8

COSGA conference on student of government associations, one of our speakers was Nancy Berry author of When Reality Hits, I set up the table and the books! Many compliments, heck yes! 

tonight at the George H W Bush Presidential Library sitting in the Oval Office! Looking very presidential aren’t I?

oh GHWB I’m going to law school so you might not like me…


I taught Cortney’s solo to her this weekend and she so thoughtfully gave me a new nickname… Erine (cut off the kath in katherine and you get it). Anyway only is Cortney is allowed to call me that from now on. But she left me messages all over the house when she left today and this was my favorite!
 Its so true right? I mean everyone could use a little of me… hahaha

more choreography

so I am choreographing a solo for Rachel and Brittani’s little sister Courtney (welcome to the blog) and apparently this is how I decided to choreograph today…
hilarious I know. But everyone should go listen to the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, its really good!

so excited for stompfest

we learned the first stomp tonight “Chaos” doesn’t it sound amazing? Yeah well its better than what you think! The wonderful men of Phi Beta Sigma are our partners, coaches, mentors, gurus if you will and they are the BEST! Savannah and I spent over 30 minutes discussing ideas with Antonio, Nick and Oduro! Lets just say The Champ is back or Champs plural duh! Sooooooooo exciting!

this snappy snapshot is from our last year first place win! Thats my fantastic big Katie!