Life’s Moments


“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”
– Cesare Pavese

The Moments: 
// coffee on a rainy day at kerby lane // mom and I at the wedding of a childhood friend // 
 kayaking with Winston on White Rock Lake // smoothie ingredients // Texas bar study book //
my little sister and Winston // view of Lake Travis from Steiner Ranch Steakhouse // 
Sonic drinks in summer is a staple // my basil plant //
my dad and his “beer” cake // Winston had enough when we were playing in 98 degrees // the famous tea at mcallisters // spiked strawberry lemonade recipe coming soon // great haul from homegoods // good read

What are the moments you remember from the week?

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If my phone could tell a story…

This is what’s been going on lately through the lens of my phone…

i have discovered kale / up before 6AM for two weeks / top of the rockwall
tom’s fist pump on the rockwall / kitchen island lust / nancy drew collection is complete
winston’s last day at tom’s / winston bored on the roadtrip / CPR certification complete 
brainstorming fantasy football team names / last drink in Columbus / i forgot how hot texas was

revamp your iphone

I found a new app that lets you decorate your app icons and switch them from the ho hum normal ones to cute new ones! I’ve been sick for the past week and this was a way to pass the time I was curled up in bed drowning in tissues and cough drops. The app is called Cocoppa (its free!) and the directions are super confusing since they are really badly translated from Chinese or Japanese but I found directions (albet long ones) here.

My favorite ones are the instagram one, the call mom and the call tom one. I mean a Viking photo for Tom… perfect. Oh and the glasses on the CNN one make me feel smart when I open it up every morning!

if my phone could tell a story…

mini loaves at central market / Pops and Winston snuggling with me
even my wine bottle wear bowties / my special chopped salad
a sign for my wall collage / tom on the slopes
ash wednesday / grandpa’s coronarita
margs with annie / working out
winston loves aunt annie / love my new planner
tom and I in the Denver airport / homemade cookies