Drink, Drank, Intoxicated

If you follow me on instagram you would have gotten a behind the scenes look at me getting intoxicated for a good cause. You saw me when my blood alcohol content was .08, in Texas that is per se intoxicated. I was at the Plano Police Department’s Training Center and my bartenders were policemen. I repeat: the police were giving me liquor with the pure intent to make sure I was intoxicated. It wasn’t just fun it was a BLAST.

police bartenders{my police bartenders}

Twice a year the police department runs what they call the Advanced DWI Training. The prosecutors affectionately call it the Drink & Blow. Each police officer, when they go through training with the State’s Academy is trained in DWI Investigations; at Plano they go through another training, the Advanced Training.

Here’s how it works:

Prosecutors, from our office and sometimes surrounding counties, are picked up by Plano PD and taken to the training center, where we are weighed (super fun) and then the amount of alcohol to get us above a .08 is roughly calculated. That amount is then divided by four and we drink one drink every 30 minutes. During this drinking period the prosecutors and the “bartenders” are sitting around a big table talking and getting to know each other. It’s quite interesting to see how people’s actions and demeanor change from sober to intoxicated. For example: I had two officers explain to me in detail what and how this shooting training ‘game’ that was in the room worked. I mean I was SUPER interested in it.

At the end of the two hours we check our blood alcohol contents on a portable breath test and the SFST (standardized field sobriety tests) instructors preform the HGN (eye) test on us. My PBT was at a .07 and the Sargent who tested my eyes could only see 3 maybe 4. Another prosecutor and I were given instructions to take another drink, in this case a shot. We were then led out to meet our maker. Just kidding, the trainees.

db 6{taking the PBT before going out to the field}

Paired off we sat in cars in the parking lot (no keys in the car because OPERATING a vehicle was intoxicated is DWI) and we went through a pretend “traffic stop” and subsequent DWI investigation. The officers preform the HGN test, Walk & Turn test, and the One Leg Stand test. At the end of the tests we check our alcohol content again with the PBT.

My final scores:

HGN: 6 clues out of 6 clues

W&T: 0 clues out of 8 clues

OLS: 0 clues out of 4 clues

PBT: .09

Do you see how crazy that is? I was intoxicated, legally intoxicated, but I showed zero clues on the walk & turn and on the one leg stand. It’s also good to point out that I showed all 6 clues on the HGN test because you cannot fake it! I wish I had gotten to tape my tests but it might have gone something like this one… it gets me every time! Just to be clear I did not operate a motor vehicle after this. The police department drove us home. I can only imagine what my neighbors thought… Also I want yall to know, that after one hour I was at a .05 and I wouldn’t have driven and I had to work for that .09, I mean really work for it. I had to drink quite a bit.

The next day the trainee officers come to the courthouse and we question them, as both prosecution and defense, on the reports they wrote the day before on our tests/investigation. I’m not going to lie, flirting with the dark side aka the defense, was fun.

db 3

db 2{the officers waiting for their turn // an officer on the stand}

The entire process gives each side a plethora of knowledge. The officers get hands on training where they know no one is going to get hurt and they are given corrections by their advanced training officers. We, the prosecutors, get the knowledge of exactly how a DWI investigation goes down in real time and we see how the officers have to react in these situations. Win win.

db 5{all the officers, the advanced training officers, and the prosecutors}

I’m not Alex Cabot*

Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen CSI. Law and Order? NCIS? Bones? Rizzoli & Isles? Cold Case? Probably 95% of you. Most of America right? That fact is something I have to think about during trial, believe it or not.

During voir dire (jury selection) the judge in the court I am assigned to, while legally admonishing the potential jury panel, says something to the effect of how he believes “there is even now a CSI: El Paso where they solve cow-tipping cases with lasers and mass-spectrometers.” It gets a laugh every time from the jurors but it speaks to a much larger phenomenon: the CSI Effect.


Truth be told, before I started interning at the DA’s office I was slightly under this misconception so it definitely isn’t just people in non-legal fields that are subject to it. Basically what the CSI effect boils down to is that juries are now requiring more evidence (ie fingerprints, DNA, lab tests, and every substance run through the machine that the ‘squints’ seem to love so much) in every type of case. In reality that just doesn’t happen. In cases that have higher ranges of punishment, think Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Kidnapping, more scientific tests and evidence are run/gathered than in misdemeanors; think DWI, Criminal Trespass, and Possession of Marijuana.

This difference in quantity (definitely not quality, I believe I work with some of the best police officers and investigators in America) in the different cases isn’t because someone chose not to get the evidence. What it’s usually due to is the fact that other evidence must be gathered first, or a crime scene team cannot be sent out to every misdemeanor, lab tests cannot be returned the same day, or that the perpetrator of the crime is usually apparent. Think about it: if a police officer is talking to a suspect and the suspect is holding a bag of marijuana, does the bag really need to be dusted for fingerprints? Does the marijuana blunt in his hand need to be tested for DNA? Does the steering wheel of a vehicle need to be fingerprinted in a DWI case?

The law states that if the jury believes beyond a reasonable doubt that the elements of the crime have been satisfied then their verdict must be guilty. The judge in my court is awesome at asking if the potential jurors would require more evidence if they believed beyond a reasonable doubt. Example: “if you believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of driving while intoxicated and there is no blood alcohol content test given to you, would you require that to convict?”

What would your answer be?

Many people say that they would require a blood test or some other kind of test even if they already believe beyond a reasonable doubt. That my friends is the CSI effect right there.


Thoughts on the CSI Effect?


*even though that would be awesome

What exactly IS the Bar?

For the past three months you’ve heard repeatedly about the Bar or the Bar Exam or the Texas Bar Exam. But some of you may not really know what exactly the Bar Exam IS. 

The Bar exam is a test that every single law school graduate must take (and pass) to be able to practice law in a state. I cannot practice law in any state until I have been admitted to that state’s bar by their Board of Law Examiners. Each state has different requirements to be admitted to the bar. In Texas you must 1) have a valid law degree 2) have passed the Texas Bar 3) have passed the MPRE (multistate professional responsibility exam) and 4) have been deemed to have good moral character and fitness by the Texas Bar. 

These requirements vary from state to state. For example, in Minnesota where I spent my first year of law school, their requirements are different. They require the same 1,3, and 4, as above but they do not require you to have taken the Minnesota Bar Exam, they just require a certain passing grade on any state’s bar exam. This reciprocity is normal in most states, some states add that if you are waiving in from another state you must have practiced law in that state for at least 5 years. 

Texas, and only a very small number of other states, requires applicants to take their bar exams. Why? Because these exams are harder. They incorporate another entire day of testing. Most bar exams are two days. Mine was three. Sucks to suck right? 

Anyway, so back to my experience. 

It sucked

It was depressing, stressful, horrifying, and at the same time, in a twisted way, exhilarating. 

I took the exam in Arlington with over 1,000 other applicants, sitting on plastic chairs and working on folding tables, for three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. There were short answer, closed essays, open essays, and multiple choice questions. There was a slight debacle this year with the software used for the essays… and when I say slight I’m being sarcastic. It was widespread over the entire country and ended up being the worst thing that could probably happen to that software company. Don’t piss off a bunch of future lawyers right? 

I went back to my hotel room each day exhausted and wanting to cry. Cry because it wasn’t over yet, the stress build up was so intense, and you continuously feel like you’re an idiot. Then the last day when we finished I walked back to my car and when I got in there were literal tears running down my face. 

I slept for over 12 hours Thursday night and when I got up and had literally nothing to do that day, it was insane. Insane is a good way.

So now, perhaps my life can go back to some resemblance of normal. I have time to cook, watch tv, do laundry, work out, and meet friends. It sort of like my life can begin again. So I hope you are looking forward to not talking about the bar as much as I am!


Raise the Bar

Well the day has finally arrived. I start the Texas Bar tomorrow! It lasts until Thursday late afternoon! I will be gone for the rest of the week but I have a few lovely ladies taking over the blog this week so check back for some awesome content!

I hope yall have a better week that I do!

Wish Me Luck! 


A Day in Life Studying for the Bar Exam

photo via

I’ve been complaining about studying for the Bar Exam for week on end. And I don’t think most of yall get what that means. Actually, no one understands what it means except those who have studied for the bar before or who are currently studying for the bar. 

Here’s what a typical day looks like: 

8:00AM Get up and eat breakfast, reminisce about how weird your dreams were and think about how you didn’t get enough sleep. Drink a cup of coffee. 

8:30AM Drink second cup of coffee. 

9:00AM Start BAR review course for the day. In a classroom or online. Start on third cup of coffee. 

11:00AM Break. Refill coffee and grab whatever snack you brought and eat it while you fill out review sheets. 

11:10AM Start review course back up again. 

1:00PM Lunch and coffee.

1:30PM Start review course back up again. 

3:00PM Break. Spend it staring at a wall, going to the gym if my brain can function, or eat a snack.  Or run to target to just you know, be in target. 

4:00PM Take quizzes, write essays, watch supplements, or do flashcards. 

7:00PM Dinner. And, yup, caffeine. 

8:00PM Quizzes, essays, supplements, or flashcards. Or review any class parts I need a little extra help in.

10:00PM Break. Snack, tv show (maybe 2), a movie, or perhaps craft project. Snack usually wins.

11:00PM Finish anything I think I need more practice on. Preview outline for the next day. 

12:00PM-2:00AM Bedtime. 

Now add to all of this the overwhelming feeling that you will not pass the exam, the stress that you actually do not understand all this information, and the creepy and ever present worry that you’ll freak out during the exam. 

A common misconception is that this test is ‘just a review’ of what students learned in law school. I cannot stress this enough but that is NOT TRUE. On the Bar I will be expected to write intelligently and answer tricky questions on subjects that I never took a class on. This isn’t just me. There is no one who has taken a class on every bar topic. I repeat NO ONE. So basically I learn an entire semester’s worth of material in one day and am expected to be able to connect that to every other subject. Also, this does not just mean you’re learning brand new topic, this means you could be learning up to 10 brand new topics. 

Every class we took our 1L year is on the exam. That means that everything I learned three years ago will be on the exam in a major way. Did I study for those exams? Yeah, three years ago I did. Do you think I’ve reviewed them since then? Nope. No one does. So the day you review those entire semesters you keep thinking oh wow I totally forgot about that tiny minuscule fact that changes everything. Then you proceed to bang our head against the wall.

Want to know the absolute worst thing to say to a bar student? You’ll do great. To a person who is studying for hours upon hours a day and is sacrificing health and sanity to take this test, saying that phrase sounds like a dismissal. A better thing to say: I can’t imagine the stress you’re under, I’ll pray for you. That would be awesome. I think I would cry if someone said they would pray for while I’m studying and taking the bar. 

Also, if you tell me you went out and drank and partied and had a long weekend, I might slap you across the face. Oh wait, if I say that it’s premeditation and shows intent… whoops scratch that. But remember it because I will. 

Oh and you dream about really weird stories in which you start thinking about all the ways you could prosecute someone. It’s like the Law part of Law and Order is playing on repeat in my head. 

Who wants to take the Bar now?


A Day in the Life of a Law Student

I had a lovely email a few weeks ago from a reader asking what exactly a day in the life of a law student looks like. I was in the middle of finals when I read it and tried to run my hand through my hair unwashed for two days, looked down at my work out clothes, grabbed my cold cup of coffee, pushed my stack of papers away from the edge of my desk and laughed maniacally. Seriously. 

I figured you no one would want to know what my day looked like during finals studying because you’d cry and then never read my blog again so I’ll give you the day in the life of a law student not studying for finals. This semester this was my normal Tuesday. 
8:00am– get up, walk Winston, eat breakfast, get dressed, drop Winston off at Doggie Daycare

9:00am– stop at Starbucks, look over/finish reading for today, get as much caffeine into my system as possible, grab another cup on my way out

10:30am – Wills, Trusts, & Estates class, in which I was basically always on call for class

12noon– Eat lunch, drop by the Child Clinic and work on my cases

2:00pm– Child Advocacy class

3:30pm – Estate Planning & Probate class

5:30pm– Pick up Winston from DDC

6:00pm – Hit the gym, eat dinner, shower & change

7:50pm– Bar Prep class 

9:30pm– study, read for Wednesday classes, prep for Wednesday meeting, finish blog posts, maybe watch a tv show

1-2:30am finally turn out the lights, bedtime is what was pushed back for me if I had time sensitive work, I was never the one to get up earlier than I had to so bedtime was the loser

While this sounds like all nice and put together when you see it lined up as a set schedule you try doing that for weeks on end and see if you don’t get sick or tired or stressed out. If you’re thinking of going to law school feel free to ask me any questions you have but just realize that I am going to give you the truth, none of that rose colored crap. 


The Last Grad Party

Yesterday I explained how the hooding ceremony was a quasi let down, but I told you that the family was the best part and one of the very best parts of having your family in town to celebrate you is that inevitably you will all get together, eat, party, and have them say nice things about you! (hahaha but seriously)

We all got together before the hooding ceremony to do just that. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Prego Pasta House, and had some of the best cake of my life from Society Bakery

At my graduation from high school the people present wrote advice and little notes to me and we brought back that idea this year. So we used the same box (shaped like a graduation hat) and had people write down memories, advice, or wishes for me and put them in the ‘hat’. Here are some of my favorites:

“keep your nose clean in texas, we hear there’s a new ADA in town!”
“congrats on joining the royal order of crooks”
“wishing you lots of legal wins, plus no sore knees” 
this was referring to that fact that I was scrubbing floors the other day not something else
“thanks for breaking my nose which I was 1, but especially for giving me lots of advice and help for life”
“may you always stay as beautiful and positive and kind as you are today” thanks gram
“here’s to your last graduation, welcome to the working world!” 
and finally…

“congrats on no college pregnancy” 
thanks uncle bob

I’m sorry but can we please take a look at how cute that little one is at the bottom? Geez aidan stealing the show here!

What advice do you have for me?

A huge thank you to Megan for the beautiful photos!



So no one hurt me or anything but being hooded wasn’t all it was cracked up to be… I mean I thought they were going to actually put the “hood” on my head and I was going to walk around like a bada*s monk or something, but no they just put it on your shoulders like a cape. Which I guess is sort of cool if you think of it as a cape, like I’m now a superhero or something. Here comes Lawyer Woman! 

And I will have to say our speaker wasn’t all I was expecting either. He seemed more interested in impressing upon these newly realeased lawyers that we basically had no job prospects, tons of debt, and how we needed to lower our fees… there’s a slight disconnect there buddy… 

But the best part of the hooding ceremony has to be celebrating with family. At the end it wasn’t about the piece of paper, the hood/cape, or the seemingly important awards that no one will care about next week, it was about walking back and seeing the smiling faces of my family. The family that have done so much for me day after day and year after year. The family that traveled hundreds of miles because they knew how important the day was. The family friends who came and sat through what was probably an incredibly boring experience. The fact that each of them was there meant so much more than the hood/cape. 

So thank you to all of my family and friends who made the day so incredibly special. I can never possibly thank you enough! 

And a huge thank you to Megan who came and took pictures for us!

Class of 2014

Westwood High School Class of 2007
Texas A&M University Class of 2011
and now…

SMU Dedman School of Law Class of 2014

Tomorrow! It’s happening tomorrow! Tomorrow is my graduation and hooding ceremony from/for law school! Yall’ I am so excited, so flipping excited! All my family is in town and we started celebrating last night! Next week you’ll see pictures of this momentous occasion but for now you can see part of my graduation announcement!

Now please excuse me, I’m going to go party with the family!


Dr. vs Esquire

Lawyer. Juris Doctorate. Esquire. Attorney. Counselor. 

Is there a difference? Yep. A BIG one. 

Once I get my diploma in my hands the only thing you can call me is a JD or Juris Doctor or Doctor of Law or if you’re feeling quirky Dr. Nolden JD. 

Only after I take AND PASS the BAR (please knock on wood three times) and get sworn in can you call me a lawyer, esquire, an attorney, or a counselor. Those designations let the world know that I am permitted to practice law in at least one state. 

A JD is the equivalent of an MD, not in the way that I can open you up and preform surgery or tell you what prescription to take for strep throat, jk I know what medication to take since I’ve had strep tons of times even after my tonsils were taken out, but it’s the same level of degree. These are not a PHD. A PHD is a terminal degree, the last degree you can receive in an area of study. 

So for right now I’m just Katherine Nolden but soon I’ll be Katherine Nolden J.D.! 

I’m doing a celebration dance right now


What you need for Law School

So you’re going to Law School. Welcome to the next three years of your life. You’ll soon be buried in books, briefs, work, and exploding highlighters. You’ll have the choice of : school work, sleep, or a social life. Pick one and expect to fail at it. 

But you’re still going. You’ll need some supplies. And by supplies I don’t mean vodka, gin, and tequila, although I do mean that too… but seriously here is your must have list for law school. Take the summer and shop because you’ll never have time while in school. 

1. Computer. No brainer but make sure yours doesn’t have the ‘extra large battery’ and yours isn’t a 17 inch screen. Seriously you do not need the extra weight on your shoulder. And make sure your computer case is a good one because your computer will need that protection.

2. A nice suit. It doesn’t have to cost beaucoup bucks but you need a nice suit for all types of things: meetings, job fairs, interviews, etc. You’ll also need it sooner than you think so bring one ‘fully stocked’ to the start of law school. See this classic suit for ideas. 

3. Classic Analog Watch. You’ll need this not only for your suit but also for tests. Also, if you can’t tell time on an analog watch yet master that before you get to class. 

4. Desk. Again a no brainer but I would recommend using an actual table not a “desk.” You’ll need space for your 800 books, your computer, and all your papers. A normal “desk” doesn’t quite offer you enough space so either use a table as your desk or buy a big eating/dinning table and plan to never eat on it. 

5. Caffeine. Before law school I did not drink coffee. I hated it. Now I own a Starbucks card. Just one of the many things law school changes about you. I ended up buying a Keurig and I cannot tell you how much that purchase has saved me. Both in waking me up in the mornings and keeping me up at night to finish that 35 page paper, that really important brief, or studying for that exam that I had a sinking feeling about. Make sure you know how you’ll be getting your caffeine. 

6. Highlighters. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and buy out Target’s supply. You’ll never have enough and you’ll always need another one. And can someone tell me why they give you 3 yellow highlighters and only 1 purple/blue? I am sick of yellow highlighters!

7. Good work light. Find a good light to put on your desk. You don’t need one that makes you feel like you’re in a police station being questioned but you need one that sufficiently lights your whole desk but maybe not the whole room. Trust me there are good lamps and bad lamps. 

8. Printer. This might be the only one that people balk at but I would highly recommend getting a printer. I am very much a paper person, I edit on paper not on my computer. Plus, when you have a brief due at 8AM do you really want to get up extra early to print it out at the library when you’ve been up until 2? No you want to print it out at 2, go to sleep, and grab it and go in the morning. Printers people, they are still relevant. 

9. Good Bag. You need a bag to lug around your computer and your books etc. You can go the backpack route, I did for a while, or you can get another bag. Just get one that doesn’t make your back feel like you’re 80 and holds everything. Rolley backpacks are out. Just don’t. 

10. Workout Program. You’re going to need to let off steam and it should probably be in a way that 1) doesn’t get you arrested and 2) doesn’t lead to an STD. So join a gym and put it on your calendar. Work up a sweat and release some stress. 

So you’re still going to law school?


The Very Last

Today is the last day. My very last day of school. I will never sit in another class. I will never have another lecture.

In honor of this personal-milestone-that-you-might-not-care-anything-about-but-I-don’t-care-because-I’m-still-talking-about-it I’d like to show you my first day of kindergarten. Let’s just take a quick second to appreciate the chambray dress, pink pom poms on my bike handles, blunt bangs that are parted down the middle (mom really?), and that matching chambray bow. And in comparison you have my last day of school. I put on a chambray shirt so it would create this lovely chambray bookend. Fun fact: in both of these pictures both of my dimples made an appearance!

I remember my last day of undergrad and everyone was celebrating their last day of classes and I couldn’t exactly get on board since I was staring down the black hole of three more years of school. 

But not anymore. This. Is. It. Today is my last day of school EVER! 

Oh, that sound? It’s me popping a champagne bottle. Please feel free to join me!

just another kid picture for fun


4th Grade Mock Trial

This year in law school I have been mentoring a 4th grade class and teaching them all about law and law related things ie government and the police etc. The entire year culminated in a mock trial that they preformed at SMU for their parents! 

Our trial put Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz on trial for murder. Did she murder the Wicked Witch of the East or was it an accident or self-defense? It was pretty hilarious. Some of the kids got really into their costumes, please see the Tin Man below, he was great! 

Some of the main things we taught them: 

1. Call a lawyer. Even when you didn’t do anything, call a lawyer. 

2. If you see something bad call the police, don’t chase after the person by yourself. 

3. Vote. Always vote, otherwise you can’t complain. 

Oh and by the way, the jury decided Dorthy was not-guilty. She was pretty excited but the prosecutors were not happy. 

PS we had to remind them that when the jury finds the defendant not guilty doesn’t mean they are found innocent; they’re just found not guilty. Think about it. 

Have you ever done some mentoring?

The Kitchen Sink

People You Meet in Law School: The Kitchen Sink

This is the person who brings everything to class with them. They have their computer, books, and planner like normal people but then they also have two more bags full of a water bottle, three notebooks, snacks, sweater, purse, socks, review materials, post it notes, lunchbox, soda, and a book to read for pleasure (which will never be open). 

During finals you also see them in the library with a blankets, a portable book light, three meals, markers, and perhaps a yoga mat to do child’s pose in between the stacks. 

One of these sinks sits next to me in my Estate Planning class and it takes them about 10 extra minutes to pack up after class… plus they take up about 2x the amount of space a normal student takes up. 

Are you a kitchen sinker?
photo via

Top 10 Ways Law School Changes your Halloween Experience

1. Do not give out candy to children. You do not want to be partially liable for any cases of childhood diabetes. 
2. Even though you’re not giving out candy now (see #1). leave the porch lights on so no children fall. You can get sued for that too. 
3. Do not even buy candy. You will eat it and you do not have an extra six hours to work it off at Lifetime Fitness. We’re getting into the serious part of the semester now.
4. Do not dress up as anything but yourself. It’s probably either false advertising or copyright infringement. 
5. If you do dress up (obviously disregarding #4), scrutinize any costume rental contract closely, regardless of how long it is. The contract, not the costume length, that is. Although the Halloween skirt length trend is concerning in a whole other way.
6. Set up your haunted house as a haunted law school. Have professor jump out of dark corners and ask their victims whether the contract had consideration or the evidence was hearsay. Play the ominous ticking of an exam room clock.
7. You can still watch a scary movie protected by your significant other. Hide your face in their shoulder, hold them close, you cannot let law school take everything away. 
8. Afterward, sue the scary movie producer for intentional infliction of emotional distress. 
9. Practice your outlining by seeing how many notes you can carve into one pumpkin. Better make it a big one. 
10. If other law school students try this as well, smash their pumpkins. Just don’t get caught: you should know the consequences of destruction of property by now…
Now forget buying candy (again see #1) and go watch Hocus Pocus. 
*I found this article here and reproduced it for you because it was THAT good. This was not plagiarizing, I gave her the credit. No suing please. If you want me to credit you using bluebook citation let me know. Then go jump in a lake, respectfully. 

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SWUG: Senior Washed-Up Girl

Have you heard of SWUG before? No? Then read up baby because I am already signed up and two drinks in to that fiesta! So let me tell you all about the SWUG life (yeah not thug life but SWUG life), senioritis, and my seniorities.

My seniorities this week: pair a riesling with Wills, Trusts, & Estates and zinfandel with Sales, watch Scandal clad like Olivia Pope, nap with Winston, and look like I know what I’m talking about if I get called on and have to speed read over the case. 
We all remember those days in high school, after the first day (OMG my last first day of High School!!!!!) you get accepted to college and then you don’t really care about class for the rest of the year. Yeah you show up and if you were one of those over achievers (totally ragging on myself) that had to take AP tests you studied… sort of. Because let’s face it you didn’t care about anything but college. You were already 6 months ahead wondering about your first frat party and rush. Your teachers had to remind you constantly to come to class (like you had a choice) and to pay attention. 
Then you have 3.5 great years in college and then it strikes again… after the first day in August/September (OMG my last first day of school EVER!!!!!) comes the apathy, the boredom, the exhaustion. You’re in the good classes where you know your professors aren’t going to fail you because you’re graduating in 4 months, and if you do so bad you know they’ll at least give you a C. You’ve been to the same parties at the same places and you’re just tired. And all you want to do is sit on the couch with your friends and watch Scandal (or in my case Gossip Girl) and drink wine. Here comes the deja vu: you didn’t care about anything but getting out of college and getting a big girl job. You were already six months ahead and wondering about your office (none of that cubicle crap was in your day dreams) and the happy hours you would have with your bad-a** colleagues. Your teachers tried to remind you constantly to come to class (which you would hear every other tuesday when you showed up) and to pay attention (which you rarely did). 
At this point most of you are done. Most of you are working toward that office dream where you don’t have to smell your cubicle partner’s penchant for cheetos and tuna. But then there are the few, the proud, those who think they are so smart, who go to grad school. Then there are the other few, the completely screwed up, the touched in the head, those who go to law school. 
Let me tell you senioritis as a 3L in law school is the WORST. It is worse than high school or college senioritis because you HAVE to go to class, you HAVE to study, oh and the best part you HAVE to take the flippin bar AFTER you graduate. Oh and another perk? Your professors WILL fail you. And they will do it with a smile. We are not fantasizing about a corner office, law clerks to order around, starbucks everyday, or being feared in the courtroom, we are drooling over the day when we get the email from our respective states saying that the last three years of our lives have not been in vain and we can actually practice law. It’s the little things people. I might be also dreaming about making someone call me Esquire just for kicks too.
So yes the amount of apathy and disgust I have for studying, reading, attending classes, and taking exams is enormous. But then there is that little voice in the back of my mind, it might be little but it is oh so strong, that says If you don’t get going on this sh*t you’re going to be screwed that gets my apathetic butt going. 
The realization that I will never be done learning gives me a physical pain but then I think about how I actually had MY FOR REAL FOR REAL LAST DAY OF SCHOOL in august and that gives me the chills and the boost to read and brief one more case. Sorry briefing died after first year. 
Reminisce about your senioritis days in the comments? What should my seniorities be?

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Difference between Law School years

There are three years on law school. As you’re going through each year you think that you’re in the worst year and it can only get better. WRONG. It only gets worse. But anyway I digress. Being in my third and FINAL year of law school… sorry I must say that again… FINAL YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL, I know how to spot all the different law students. I can tell you what year a particular student is in usually just by looking at them or seeing how they react to situations. I’d like to let you in on the keys to figuring out what year in law school someone is. You could always whip this out at parties, way better party trick than opening a bottle of champagne with a knife…


1L- read & highlight & brief
2L- highlight
3L- skim

Class Participation:
1L- silent
2L- let me (stupidly) show off
3L- facebook

Legal Writing:
1L- three rough drafts, two office hours visits, outline, final draft
2L- one rough draft, outline, final draft
3L- all nighter

Job Search:
1L- Everyone will hire me!
2L- I can get a job this summer and it will turn into something

Social Life:
1L- don’t need one
2L- don’t have one
3L- don’t get one

1L- yes
2L- Yes
See how it all just goes downhill?

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*all photos via pinterest

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The Real Ladies of Law School: Update

I know everyone loved the first installment of the Real Ladies of Law School. Here is a preview of the second season of the RLOLS!
Brittany is coming back to finish her third and final year of law school after a great summer with a firm in Minneapolis. Will she see the fellow clerk, a 1L, who crashed and burned at the firm? What will she say? Does North Dakota have a pull on her after law school or will she stay in Minnesota? Will the summer fling stay until next summer?
Maria has completed a successful summer working for a large firm in Minneapolis where she had her own office to spread out in. She’s now back in class and juggling work too. Will she start ordering around the 1Ls like her minions this summer? Will her party girl lifestyle change as she gets closer to taking the bar? 
Crissy is engaged and is juggling her fiance, friends, and her pup. She traveled around the world this summer so how does she cope with coming back to the stress of law school, fitting in trips to her cabin, and planning a wedding all while keeping her sanity? 
Kristen is also engaged and is planning a wedding in Ireland all while finishing law school. Talk about drama and stress! Can she bring family together across the pond,  get her travel arrangements completed, wedding invitations sent, and turn in her Sales final?
Katherine has moved from Minnesota to Dallas and has completed a summer with the US Attorney. She is trying to keep up with classes, her blog, her new job, her long distance boyfriend, and her furry babies. Her planner looks like a rainbow threw up in it… will she crack under pressure or does she need to start scheduling more champagne time in her planner?  
Looks like the second season of RLOLS is going to be a drama filled one! I’m still amazed Andy from Bravo hasn’t hit up my cell yet… I mean I should at least get a trip to the Bravo Clubhouse and be on Watch What Happens Live!

PS the winner of the Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway is up here! Check to see if you won! 

margarita mix

 I just finished my last exam for the semester! Whoop! I am HALFWAY done with Law School! That’s crazy! To celebrate I am going to mix up some Texas Margaritas! The first time I had these was at a party for Summer Swim Team coaches, I was dating one so I was invited to the party  that was being put on by one of the sets of parents of the kids on the team. (I actually ended up watching their kids the summer before law school) The mom whipped these up for the party (I think multiple times) and I am pretty sure every coach was feeling it the next day at the meet. Thankfully I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to a swim meet, but I will always remember that awesome night and these margaritas!

They are so easy to make! I might have to go get some Chuy’s take out to complement them!


stress stress go away

Everyone is concerned about recipes for holiday cookies but until I am finished with finals I can’t think about baking (I can’t believe I just said that) and I really need to de-stress. Many people get stressed around this time of year (whether from finals or holiday craziness) so let me share with you my recipe to melt the stress away…

I will say I have been wanting to go to the gym and just take a class that will kick my butt… maybe later today! What is your favorite way to de-stress?

PS 4/5 finals done… only one more until I’m free! 

keep on swimming…

I need Dory on repeat in my head “keep on swimming katherine, keep on studying katherine, keep on WATCH OUT FOR THOSE EXAMS!” Yeah even Dory would get crazy with the week ahead! I have my most difficult final tonight but I am trying to look on the bright side (like last april), or trying to keep the glass half full if you will (mom aren’t you proud?), so here are the five things getting me through the week:

1) The bright shiny thought that exams will be over at Noon on Thursday!

2) Peppermint Mochas that keep me awake and alert!

3) Doggie daycare for keeping Winston entertained and me feeling WAY less like a rotten mommy since I have no time to play

4) A flight from Columbus to Dallas Friday night

5) Austin on Saturday (and the Oasis and 456 with the Sniders and for Tom to FINALLY meet my dad…)

Wow I’m feeling better already! (4 days until I’m done!)

What things kept/keep you going through exams?