Hi all!

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been seen around these parts in a while. Well my motivation for Plumewood, for whatever reason, has been lacking. I’m still excited about Beyond the Black Suit (and more content will be forthcoming) but I might need a little time from Plumewood. So, I’ve decided to take an indefinite break. I’d like to think I’ll be back so keep me on your radar.

In the meantime have a wonderful rest of the summer!

Best, the Duchess

Drinking Wine and Feeling Fine

napa 3


Napa! What a fantastic and inebriated trip! Here are some of the (in my opinion) better snaps from my trip last weekend!

IMG_5804 napa 4 IMG_5853IMG_5702napa 5 IMG_5764 IMG_5746


We did Napa in two days and I could have stayed for an entire week! Eight wineries in two days was… interesting. The first day we biked and I couldn’t recommend that more, it was a beautiful day and you didn’t feel so bad about actually drinking the wine since you were going to go bike another mile to get to the next winery. Plus, the bike company brings you lunch at your “lunch time” winery stop and there was a fantastic selection. If you bike make sure you read up on California’s Cycling under the Influence law (yeah I’m not joking) and stay in the bike lane!

The second day we visited wineries that were a little farther away from each other so we rented a limo, there were nine of us after all and it was a bachelorette party! Some of my favorite wineries were Regusci, Clos du Val, and Domaine Caneros.

Regusci’s staff were amazing and incredibly friendly. Plus, they have the cutest puppy running around, puppies and wine, how can it get better?

Clos du Val’s grounds are beautiful and they make a wonderful place to have lunch and to get some pictures in the vines. The pictures where you see the building covered in greenery in Clos du Val.

Domaine Caneros was quite possibly my favorite because it’s Champagne. I could have done all my tastings there. Tip: ask to try some of their other bottles, they’ll let you and then you might find yourself buying one or two… not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

I would recommend a trip to Napa for everyone! I feel like you could visit with a few different groups of people and never have the same trip twice!

What are you favorite wineries in Napa?


Weekend Recap

My weekend was pretty full. My mom came into town and we went from house hunting (!!!) to eating soul food in Fort Worth to shopping upscale and discount. We did it all! While it was raining Saturday late afternoon we did have time for some mother/daughter mani/pedi time; always a good time to catch up!

wk green

I put some pep in my step with navy and kelly green for dinner! My favorite color combo and my favorite cork wedges. This outfit just makes me happy!

wk home

House hunting is overwhelming. We were in this house and l-o-v-i-n-g it when we find out the contract on it has just been executed. Ugh, I had just been thinking about how my round table would look super cute in the breakfast nook!


wk lunch

Trying new places to try for lunch around my neighborhood is always fun! Plus when it’s raining outside it’s wonderful to find a place that’s warm and dry inside. I’m definitely coming back here!


wk waffles

These chicken and waffles were fantastic! Add the collard greens and sweet potato curls on top and your mind just about explodes! There was also a band playing old R&B, your entire senses are filled with soul. Mmmmmmmm! Buttons Restaurant is a new fav!


spending the weekend with this awesome woman is always a treat! How cute is my mom? She’s always dressed to impress!


How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fun?




Presently Speaking

green shoes


Feeling: Excited! I’ve got some really interesting cases coming up in my court, some with defenses that haven’t been seen around the courthouse for a while and some that might let me get to do things that not many baby prosecutors get to do. They’re going to be a lot of work but I cannot wait to be studying up on my code book!

Reading: The Stuff that Never Happened by Maddie Dawson. Well written and it definitely grabbed me at the beginning but I’m not sure how I feel about it. It both weirds me out and makes me smile like the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love did. Has anyone else read this book?

Listening to: Meghan Trainor’s Dear Future Husband and old school Janet Jackson. They’ve been on repeat and I’m still chuckling over how on point Trainor’s lyrics are.

Thankful for: My education. I see so many people who have dropped out of school or who just do not care about furthering themselves and I am so thankful that I had a parent who never let me question if I was going to school or not. I’m also very thankful that she would let me bring a book to social functions even though she wanted to take it from me every time. #readingatrestaurants

Thinking about: how I found the perfect black maxi dress at Target this past weekend! I’ve already worn it three times, don’t worry I washed it! But seriously, it’s not to short on me which is an exceptional find in and of itself, but its also soft and has the perfect tank top. I’ve been looking for the perfect black maxi for probably 2+ years and it’s crazy that I actually found one at Target no less! I’ve seriously looked all over.

Eating: Oatmeal. Afte having some oatmeal at the Hyatt Resort this past weekend I’ve been craving it like nothing else in the morning. Adding brown sugar, cinnamon, bananas, and raisins make it even better.

Watching: The Smithsonian Channel. It’s what the History Channel should be. There are no aliens, swamp people, or bounty hunters/repo men. It’s historically accurate and visually appealing. I’m hooked.

Loving: Playing volleyball. I’m getting out more now and it makes me feel like I’m not as much of a recluse anymore. I should look into other things that I can schedule on my calendar in pink. Pink = fun. (black = death… like working out)

Looking forward to: Looking at properties with my mama tomorrow! I might be getting out of this apartment with the person who likes to clog and throw things on floor at all hours of the day and night.

What’s up with you?


Weekend in Austin

Here’s a few shots from my weekend in Austin:

more sbux

had to get some sbux before getting through the list of things my mom had for me to accomplish. isn’t it better when you say accomplish rather than do? like I’m going to ACCOMPLISH these things today instead of just do them… I don’t know, maybe I’m full of it.


I spent some time outside with my mom when the rain finally cleared up

blouse // shorts

umbrellait was raining early Sunday but we braved the rain and made it to Kerbey Lane Cafe… obviously. neither rain nor shine nor blizzard nor plague of locusts will stop me from Kerbey


those dirty paws and red snout are a sign of a pup that has just ran his little butt off on the golf course and stuck his inquisitive nose into every single thing he could reach

pinkwe got to put Jane’s Mother’s Day gift up outside! hello Lilly for Target umbrella, it’s so Jane

  I’m off to a hockey game tonight with some co-workers that I scored free tickets to! Pretty excited for a day spent getting my office in order and my files up to date!

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fun?


Girls Getaway

This past weekend I headed down to Galveston, well the Bolivar Peninsula actually, to celebrate a sorority sister’s upcoming divorce from singlehood, aka marriage. It was a rainy weekend but we made the best of it. The house we stayed in was right on the shore and had some of the most beautiful views of the ocean. I volunteered to stay in the kids room: hello bunkbeds!

gw 3 gw 2 gw 1

It was great to be able to stay up late, talk about everything, get a little drunk, play games, and watch movies. It was like a grown up sleepover. Oh who am I kidding, it was a majorly girly sleepover and it was awesome! Cards Against Humanity and Naughty Charades were at the top of the game pile. I learned a lot of new words this weekend, many of which I had to Urban Dictionary the meanings. Yall, I’m either old or naive. Perhaps both.

gw 5

On our short walk on the beach between rain storms we found people fishing, frolicking, crabbing, and then there was a dead jellyfish that I apparently had to poke.

gw 8 gw 4

We ended the night with a fantastic fresh seafood dinner at basically the only restaurant on the peninsula. Drinks happened obviously. The bride to be got some advice from two ladies at the bar, I think one piece of advice was about making your husband believe everything is his idea, and the other was to sweat everyday (workout or other umm activities). I also definitely took the opportunity to let me hair go au-natural: read beachy waves and then a quick bun when my hair starts to grow exponentially like those math problems I couldn’t do in college.

gw 7 gw 6

The weekend was great and really cemented the friendships I’ve had since college and saw the beginning of new ones that I hope to help grow further.


PS if you’d like a non-inappropriate laugh we watched this short video approximately 73 times and laughed while drunk, tipsy, and sober.

I actually just watched it again. And laughed. Ha, so good! YASS!


So this is awkward…


1. when you want a plant in your office but don’t want to bring it in to work, so you send it to yourself, and people think you have a boyfriend… and you tell them nope, its from me.

2. when a jury tells you that they could totally tell you wrote something funny to your co-counsel on your notepad

3. when I ate it in the parking lot of Central Market, in heels, in a dress, with at least 10 people looking

4.  when you can’t figure out how something on your phone works and a co-worker who is 15 years older than you can fix it; it’s like I’m losing my young generation card

5.  when you quote harry potter, but don’t mean to, and then giggle but no one gets it

6. when you have to say ‘urine’ 20x in a hearing. Also included: urine stream, urine puddle, and urine flow. Sick.

7. when the girl at FedEx looks at you and asks “do you have a unibrow?” 1. No. 2. I hate you. 3. My name is not Frieda. 4. WHY WOULD YOU ASK SOMEONE THAT!?!??! 5. NO.

8.  when the barista in starbucks starts singing loudly and she hasn’t finished ringing you up yet so you don’t know what to do… applaud?

9. when you tell a defense attorney that you’re taking the case and they say “oh good.” Thanks for saying that in front of 15 other attorneys dude

10. when you see a movie with your guy friend and there is a commercial for lane bryant with lots of women in their underwear… since when did movies start having tv commericals anyway?!



See these other awkward posts to brighten your day…


Presently Speaking

walk in the park

Feeling: Sassy. I’ve been on a sassy kick for the past week and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. Get ready for some sassy and snarky posts!

Reading: I’ve just picked up The Heiresses by Sara Shepard the woman who brought Pretty Little Liars to life. One chapter in and I’m liking it. I foresee a late night ahead of me this week followed by a very tired workday.

Listening to: 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack, the Beyonce remixes still give me chills

Thankful for: My colleagues. They continue to step up and help me every time something comes up that I’m too inexperienced to handle. I only hope I have the opportunity to return the favor!

Thinking about: how dating suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Amiright? There might be an upcoming post on how dating is worse than getting a root canal. Oh and how googling a guy can be catastrophic for your actual date…

Eating: Kale salads like it’s the only thing I’m allowed to eat. And then I’ll eat a quesadilla. My palette is very complicated. Oooooo muffins…

Watching: Reruns and reruns of JAG. Also, Outlander comes back this Saturday so I’m re-watching the first part of Season 1 again, not because Jaime is cute or anything…

Loving: that I got to see my little sister after she made varsity cheer squad this past weekend! I surprised her in town at the restaurant they were eating at and when she spotted me she jumped up, started screaming, and ran towards me crying! I got to hug that little girl that I’m so proud of and I felt so loved that she was that emotional all because I had showed up.

Looking forward to: Easter weekend and spending relaxing time in Austin with my mom and Winston by the pool! Yup it’s that warm here!

What’s up with you?


This guy I know

This is my friend.

my friend wes

I snapped this as we were leaving a bar Saturday night on East 6th in Austin. We had just spent about 2+ hours talking at the bar and he had just spent the night having dinner and watching a comedy show with my mother and grandmother.

His name is Wes. If you don’t know him, or you don’t know him well, or you only remember him from high school, he sort of reminds me of Rainn Wilson in Backstrom with his snarky and insightful comments, his sky high IQ, his ability to be self-centered/aware (in an I-know-what-I-want way) but have your back in every conceivable circumstance and be really generous. For example: He had a book delivered to me after we spoke about it one weekend. I got it Tuesday. We had spoken about it Sunday. See?

I’m super in love with everything about Wesley. Like if we as a couple could work out I would make him date me, (make him I tell you) but we both know that us together would never work out. We are too diametrically opposed about everything. In all honesty, I don’t remember the last time we could figure out something important that we agree on. Politics, Religion, Money, Marriage, Kids, Sex, you name it we probably don’t agree on it.

But we get on like peanut butter and jelly. Or wine and cheese. (Let’s go with wine and cheese because it’s wine AND cheese. Obviously.) Wes and I can talk for hours about everything. I’d like to say we could talk about nothing but I don’t believe we’ve ever talked about nothing. Wes doesn’t do “nothing” and when I’m with Wes I don’t do “nothing”.

I like the Katherine that comes out when Wes is around. She’s insightful, worldy, outgoing, and will try more things than non-Wes Katherine. She actually thinks through things that she takes for granted each day, she thinks about why she thinks certain ways, she thinks about why she balks at one thing but not something similar. She actively thinks.


Wesley says to me “would you ever do ….?”

Me, looking shocked and appalled, “NO!”

Wes coming over all inquisitive and smiling at my automatic dismay “Why not?”

Me, starting to explain a multitude of reasons why I would never do what he asked…

Wes interrupts, “Katherine you would have fun and it would be really freeing for you. I bet you would like it.”

Me shocked that he would think I would actually enjoy that, then shutting up because I’m actually considering doing what he proposed…

Wes opens his mouth and five minutes later and I’m telling him to set it up and give me two days notice


Do you have friends like this? That change your outlook on life, that change the way you think in a really good way?

I love Wesley, not just because he’s devastatingly handsome (and it’s devastating that we can’t date) but because I think I’m a better person for being around him.


PS don’t forget to change you bookmark to the new website!

Well, I didn’t get arrested

Last Friday I spent the night in a police car and jail.

what to do on a police rid along

I was on a ride along! You thought I got arrested didn’t you… I actually hope you didn’t. It was incredible and something I would recommend to every civic minded (and those even not civic minded) because it taught me so much. Even I, who works with police officers and police reports every day, had my mind opened. While prepping for trial I remember thinking “why didn’t the police officer just do this or just ask this?!” Well, now I know.

Besides the teaching experience it was incredibly FUN! I saw people get arrested for DWI, Possession of Marijuana, Theft, and Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. I saw 13-18 year-olds get citations for possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication/ underage drinking. I got locked in the police car when there was a suspect hopped up on PCP (that freaked me out a little…)

Yall, it was AH-mazing! Check with your local police department’s website and see if they offer a ride-along program. It’s usually free and if you can, try and go on a Friday or Saturday night because that’s usually when you’ll get the most “action”

When you DO go on your ride-along, because I know that you’ll take my advice and do this asap, you need to do these five things:

1. Wear layers: I went from being super warm to freezing cold, think a t-shirt add sweater add scarf

2. Listen to the officers and follow every direction. If they say stay in X spot and do not move then your feet better plant and stay there. They need to know exactly where you are at all times so they can protect you because you are their responsibility. I was told multiple times that I could get out the car but to stay right by the curb then halfway through the investigation the officer would say, while looking in a different direction, “katherine please go stand by the vehicle”. They just want to keep you safe so they need to know where you are.

3. Ask questions when you ride and shut your mouth when there is an active investigation. The officers want people to know about their job so when you are riding in the vehicle with them ask them questions. Ask they why, ask them how, ask their reasoning, just ask! On the flip side when are questioning a subject just shut your mouth and listen, you’ll pick up more and a prosecutor won’t have to subpoena you to come testify in court…

4. Bring a snack. I skipped dinner because my “shift” started at 6:30pm and by 9pm my tummy was making jungle cat noises. The officer I was with stopped for his “lunch break” at 2AM but I had to ask him very politely if we could stop at a gas station so I could use the bathroom and grab something at like 10pm. He was completely okay with that but it would have been better if I could have snacked on a granola bar and waited for “police lunch.”

5. Don’t touch. There were tons of buttons on the dash and shotguns in the sargent’s vehicle. There is evidence at every scene. Keep your hands off.


I snapchatted my experience with other prosecutors, family, and friends. You can see my experience in snapchats below!

police ride along police ride along police ride along

SFSTs = standardized field sobriety tests

police ride along police ride along police ride along

police ride along

These were all the officers I got to ride along with last week! I was fortunate enough to experience different well done investigations with three professional and outstanding officers! I am so thankful to each of them for teaching me how difficult it is to be a cop and how intense a job can be!


first image via

That time I knew I needed to cut myself some slack

Remember in January when I went to Mexico for my Mom’s Birthday over the MLK long weekend? Well, it actually wasn’t as long as it was supposed to be. 

I was supposed to leave on Friday morning at 6AM but I overslept and missed my flight. Well I missed it as in I was at the ticket counter 40 minutes before take off and they don’t let you check in later than 45 minutes before take off. I was very calm when talking to the gate agent (she wasn’t going to help me if I freaked out), I was calm when telling my mom on the phone that I couldn’t make my flight, I was calm putting my bags back in the car and driving out of the airport. 

As soon as got on 635 (for those not in Dallas, 635 is a very large highway with lots of construction) I broke down. I was crying like someone had died. I had to pull off the highway so I could get myself under control. It was rush hour and I wasn’t about to put my life or someone else’s life in danger by having a watering pot driving a car on the highway. 
I cried at a Shell gas station for about 10 minutes. Y’all it was ugly crying. Super ugly. I knew I was upset because I felt like I was ruining all my mom’s plans for her birthday but I had changed my flights and I knew I was going to get there at the same time the next day. But as I tried to calm myself down I realized that I was really upset at myself. As I explored that a little more I realized a large part of it was that I was incredibly embarrassed that I hadn’t had my shit together. That embarrassment was turning into some pretty serious self hatred. 

I used my anger and got home. I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up I sat there and thought. I thought about how I deserved to give myself a break. Yeah, I had screwed up. But hating myself wasn’t going to help anything. I tried to tell myself to brush it off, but it was more difficult than just said and done. 

After I got back from the trip I realized that yeah my Mom was disappointed but she was more disappointed that I didn’t get to enjoy all the fun on the day I missed rather than being disappointed in me. She forgave me right off the bat so why couldn’t I forgive myself? I made a pact that I was going to cut myself some slack for the next few months and see what happens. 
Cutting myself some slack did not mean slacking off, it meant that I had to embrace that I’m not perfect. Yall, this was so much harder than I thought it would be. 

It’s been two months and this is still a process. I am still actively working to reign myself in if I think I’m going down the perfection rabbit hole. Sometimes I go full Katherine in Perfection Wonderland and beat myself up for not getting everything right and sometimes I can pull myself back from that ledge and say Hey let’s not get too close. 

Am I the only one who isn’t gung ho on perfection? Are you striving for perfection or cutting yourself some slack?



So this is awkward…

Just to prove to you that I don’t have my sh*t together… as if you thought I did hahahaha

1. I had to ask my mom if you pay for dry cleaning when you drop it off or pick it up because apparently at 26 I don’t know the answer to that myself…

2. A defense attorney called me ‘the Duchess…’ awesome

3. The waitress told me to ‘enjoy my meal’ and I said “you too” #goodone

4. One of my coworkers caught me taking a selfie, and it wasn’t a coworker who would know what the term selfie is.

5. I was talking to a guy that Winston “accidentally” ran up to in the park and then my trusty four-legged sidekick let one rip. Very. Loudly. 

6. My little sister had to tell me that bae isn’t short for baby. It stands for before anything else. Gee I’m old. 

7. I stood to make an objection in court and when I tried to sit down my rolly chair moved and I fell on my butt. I kept my mouth shut so it’s not on the record… 

8. A well meaning person held the elevator door open for me… when I was like half the hallway away so I had to run… in heels and a pencil skirt or make weird eye contact while I take the time to walk. You’re nice but just go dude, just go. 

9. I was grocery shopping and I ran into someone by the bananas, then the milk, then the soda. I just chilled in the soda aisle so they could get away #stalker

10. My mom yelled loudly across a clothing store “NO that dress would make you look like death!” Thanks to my mom everyone in that store now know that khaki makes me look like a corpse. 

Does that make your day?


You have 5 days

Valentine’s Day is in five days. I repeat FIVE DAYS

Do you know what that means?


That means that if you have been harboring any feelings for me, if you’ve seen me from across the courthouse (and were not a defendant), wanted to go out in high school, sat behind me in Early Modern Europe 425, or were impressed by my dancing skillz at any time over the years, you have FIVE DAYS to tell me you’re madly in love with me. 

I like puppies, coconut-less chocolate, all things green, and triple chocolate cake. Red, pink, and/or white roses are always appropriate.

Oh and if you’d like to fill my office with pink and red balloons like this photo I’m pretty sure I’d be okay with it. 

By now you might be thinking, Katherine what is the point of this post, so let me tell you what the point is. The point: your days are numbered, tell people how you feel, show them how you feel, just flipping do it. You don’t have to wait for the “right time” make this time the “right time.” 

Because let’s face it, if someone tells you they love you or that they ‘like you like you’, your day is going to get a whole lot better. 

So love it up people! 


Where’s Waldo

Well it’s finally happened. They found me. 

Defense attorneys have found my blog. 

Welcome defense bar, stay a while, this is what the “right brain” of a prosecutor looks like. 

I had a mini panic attack last week when it was so nonchalantly revealed to me (“so your nickname is The Duchess?”) that colleagues had discovered my little niche on the internet. I had thoughts that ranged from throwing in the towel and shutting down Plumewood to wearing a crown to docket while dealing with defense attorneys. 

Then I thought: WHO CARES?!

I didn’t start Plumewood to hide from people, I’m not embarrassed by what I write or what I think, and I sure as heck don’t want to be pushed around by people in court or on the internet. I wanted Plumewood to be a place where I could be creative and interact with people from all around the world. I wanted to be able to use my skills in ways that I couldn’t in law school or now, in the courtroom. 

My entire personal life isn’t on display here, but there is enough of me that passes the “usual” amount of information of what people share with their colleagues. But I’m not ashamed of who I am or of the life that I lead. I think the good that has come from this blog (friends, ideas, etc) is still greater than the perceived bad.

So I’m still here, still blogging, and still thinking. 

I’m fully committed to being me. 

Defense attorneys you’re always welcome back and I’ll see you at the courthouse. 


Playing on the Playa

This past long weekend I was playing on the playa in Cozumel, Mexico! There was sun, rum punch, sand, and tons of celebrating my mom for her birthday! We might have pissed off the people who were next to our suite… 

I’m so embarrassed to say that my camera never made it out of my case! Perhaps those rum punches were packing more of a punch than I originally thought!

Here are some instagram shots and some others I snapped on my phone. 

{my plane attire}
{my first day view}

{lunch pool side consisted of drinks and bright colors}

{walking around wedges}
{relaxing ocean side… rough life}

{we danced the night away}
{this guy snuggled with me all night when I got back, he wouldn’t leave my side}


Happy Birthday Mother Dear

Today I am so thankful for my Mother on her birthday. 

 each year I realize I’m becoming more and more like you, both in mannerisms and outlook. I find myself thanking God more often for your support and love rather than asking God ‘why me?’

Without your guidance and teachings I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thank you for your love, your light, and your never ending support.

I can’t wait to be sipping margaritas and relaxing in the sun with you soon!

“The more a daughter knows the details of her mother’s life… the stronger the daughter.” 
― Anita Diamant, The Red Tent 

Love you mom


How to Set your Sleep Schedule

During law school and then subsequently studying for the bar exam, my sleep schedule was a wreck. I mean it got so bad that I never actually would sleep more for than four hours. I never got a “night” of sleep. I was taking 10mg of melatonin to try and make myself fall asleep and it wouldn’t happen. Bad and super unhealthy. 

When I started my job it hit me that I needed to get my sleep schedule under control. And that needed to happen fast. I had to make my sleep schedule a priority or I was literally going to have to hook up and IV with caffeine drip to get through the day. I also needed to get stop passing out on the couch as soon as I put my bag down after work because I would wake up at 11pm and not be able to get back to sleep until around 4am. Then it would be so incredibly difficult for me to be up and fully awake to be able to get to work on time. 

So I did some research online, a little webmd, a little pinterest, a little google, and got a whole list of ideas that I was going to implement. Some of them worked and some of them did nothing for me. 
Here are the things that worked for me. 

1. Get a routine in place and stick to it. 
Planning out my routine was difficult, what do I need to do, what should I do, what do I want to do? Well I wanted to read until my eyes blurred but that wouldn’t be good. I needed to clean my apartment but I can’t clean it all before bed. I should take a bath to raise my body temperature but I only do that if I’m super awake. Usually my routine consists of packing my lunch, packing my work bag, taking Winston outside, taking a shower, and getting into bed with my devotional.

2.  Set your alarm twice. 
Once to start getting ready for bed and the second time is to get up in the morning. When my bedtime alarm goes off I know I need to start my routine for bed. It’s a great way to start your bedtime routine otherwise I’d look up and it would be 11pm and I am still engrossed in my DVR. 
My morning alarm is a little different. I have to set mine on an actual alarm clock, not my phone, and put it out of my room. It sits in my kitchen and it is loud. I can’t roll over and hit snooze so it forces me to get out of bed to make it stop.  

3.  No naps whatever it takes.
Like I said there were times when I would just remember sitting down on my couch then boom I would wake up four hours later starving and sitting in my work clothes on my couch. I made a promise that I wouldn’t let myself nap. For a week I didn’t go home after work or if I had to, like to drop off Winston, I would then immediately go to a Starbucks and read or Barnes and Noble and wander through the store, or the mall and just people watch. I was so tired but I wouldn’t let myself go home until 9pm. I knew if I could stay up until after 9 then I would be okay.

4. Lights out should be gradual.
When my bedtime alarm goes off, I turn off half the lights in my living room. When I’m done packing my bags my kitchen lights go off. When I’m done with my shower, my bathroom lights go off. When I’m in bed my nightstand light is the only one that is on and it’s a low light. I can’t go from every single light on to total darkness. Slowly decreasing the amount of light your body is exposed to helps get your ready to go to sleep.

5.  Do a little yoga stretch before bed and in the morning.
These are the yoga stretches I do at night and in the morning. They are fantastic, the ones before bed are gentle enough to relax me and the ones for the morning get my blood flowing and I feel like my body and brain are both switched on for the day. 

6. Plan out the next day. 
My planner travels with me throughout the day. I have a physical planner and the calendar on my phone but I like to use the physical planner to plan out the next day. It gives me time to sit in bed and sort of prep for the next day. I also feel more relaxed when I know what’s coming so having it mapped out helps.

7. Keep a journal or notepad by your bed. 
Usually if all my lights are out and I still can’t sleep it’s because there are things running through my head of things to remember or things I’m wondering about or worrying about. I find that if I write whatever is going through my head down I cant get to sleep easier. Once it’s on paper I can stop worrying that I’m going to forget it.

8. Get rid of the clutter. 
I have crap everywhere. I mean everywhere. But it was getting to be too much when my nightstand was overflowing with papers, books, and a collection of random things. I purged what is within my reach and it helped. I felt like if my nightstand was cluttered my mind would be. Now my nightstand is clear and so is my mindset.

9. Use your apps. 
I have a few apps dedicated to helping me sleep. Obviously I have my alarm set to start my bedtime routine but I also have an app called Sleep Cycle that tracks when I go to sleep and the quality of my sleep. You can also answer questions about your day, like if you had caffeine or took a nap and you can see how these particular things affect your sleep. It’s really cool to see your quality and quantity of sleep laid out in graph form. I also have Relax Melodies that has ‘zen’ sounds for those times when I need some white noise. The app has a bunch of different sounds so you’ll be sure to find something you enjoy. 

10. Get outside first thing. 
I get up to turn off my alarm and immediately wake Winston up and take him outside. Everything I’ve heard is that if your body is exposed to natural light it helps your body wake up. I hate going outside when I could be snuggled in bed and Winston is the same but we do it anyway. It also makes him do his business faster because he really really wants to get back to sleeping.

11. Snuggle with Winston
Maybe that one is just for me…

These things worked really well for me. I still have to set my alarm to know to turn off the tv and start getting ready for bed. I still have my journal by my bed along with my planner. The clutter is starting to creep back but I’m putting my foot down, I don’t need 10 books, three bottles of water, four chapsticks, and 485 bobby pins on my nightstand. Since getting on this routine I haven’t felt the need for naps during the week anymore, I still take the occasional nap on the weekend though; and my pre-college flexibility is slowly coming back thanks to these stretches (and my new found love of Pilates reformer classes). 

Like I said, these are just things that worked for me. Some might work for you and some might not, but if you need to get your sleep schedule under control I suggest you try some of these and let me know if they worked for you! 

What are your favorite bedtime routines?



2 words, 1 year

Everyone is making resolutions for 2015 which I think is awesome. When I was contemplating mine I kept asking myself, I already make a list of 27 things I want to do each year why should I add more things to my plate? 

I had somewhat the same idea last year so I made a small number (5) of grand goals for 2014. This year I’m cutting it back and making the idea even more grand, you heard me, idea, singular. In reality, one word, tacos. 

Just kidding, but that would be fantastic right? 

No my phrase for 2015 is more green. 

save more money
see more nature
use less electricity
chose green clothes
eat more veggies
use natural decorations

That’s only a partial list and to tell you the truth even if I had a whole list written down I wouldn’t limit it to just what I can think of now. This is going to work for the whole year and I can tell it’s going to grow! Isn’t that what green thing do? So if it’s green I’m all for it. 

2015 is coming up all green

What are your resolutions for 2015?

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Jewelry Box Giveaway

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Today I have a wonderful giveaway for you! I purchased a travel jewelry box from Elaine Turner this summer and I have taken it everywhere! It held all my jewels for my Turkey trip, anytime I go back to Austin, and when I went to Minnesota. It is amazing and super chic! 

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Highs and Lows

I’ve been pretty MIA these past two weeks but these two weeks have been pretty tumultuous. Big highs and big lows. 

First off I found out I passed the bar! Yay! Three years of law school, three months of studying, and a three months of nervous waiting finally paid off. Yall, I thought I was going to find out and just scream and jump up and down and be so flipping excited but in reality, I saw my name, and burst into tears. I cried for a good ten minutes, my mom couldn’t understand what I was saying when I called her. She had already seen my name and knew I passed but all she could hear was sobbing so she thought I hadn’t seen my name and I believed I had failed! It was a crazy day… and a wild night. 

Then I had an interview for a permanent (read: paid) position at my work, I was so nervous even though I had been working there is some capacity since January. I walked out of the interview shaking my head thinking wow katherine you are an idiot! The next day I was offered the job! I accepted on the spot because hello this is what I want to do! I called my mom and was so excited to attend my swearing in ceremony in front of the Texas Supreme Court on Monday! I was on cloud nine for about six hours then I got a call from my mom…

My grandpa died Friday afternoon. He and my grandmother live in Minnesota and my mom and I waned to fly out Saturday morning but my grandmother was adamant that we could not leave until after the swearing in ceremony. We did not want to stay and we felt horrible staying for a ceremony that seemed irrelevant now but we did. 

On Monday of this week I was sworn in to the Texas Bar by the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court and we left for Minnesota Tuesday morning. The viewing is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow; I’m speaking at the funeral and when I was practicing yesterday I broke down twice. I can’t imagine what tomorrow is going to be like. I imagine it’s going to be both horrific and cathartic. 

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I think I might take a break until after Thanksgiving to get my personal life together and get Plumewood together. 


What I’m thankful for…

This weekend was super chill and super random. And I loved it.  Here’s the five things I’m thankful for right now…

1. This snuggle monster. I woke up to him wiggling closer and then putting his face on my cheek. Oh I love this little wrinkly bulldog. I’m so thankful that he loves me. 

2. On my resume it says that I speak French at a conversational level. This was true about two years ago. Now I’m not so sure, so I picked up my Harry Potter book in French and got back to working at my mad skillz. It was rough going but I’m super thankful that I’m trying. 

3. I got to see my mom this weekend. Even if it was only for a grand total of 8 hours we still had a good time. So thankful that I have such a wonderful relationship with her! 

4. Winston and I took a really long walk on Saturday. Like a 5 mile walk and off the leash ramble. I’m so thankful that he made it and that we both had a great time! 

5. I was randomly chatting with this woman in starbucks and I told her I loved her bangs. She took a few seconds and stared at my face and says “You could totally rock some bangs.” BOOM! I have never wanted bangs more… oh well maybe except for that time I actually got them. This is the cut I’m going for. Thoughts?

What are you thankful for?


Let there be light!

Wow yall… 

this past weekend was horrible. Actually no. The horribleness started Thursday afternoon. Dallas has a HUGE storm Thursday afternoon that knocked out power all over the metroplex. (That would Dallas and Fort Worth and everything in between) I had to get ready for work Friday morning by flashlight and candlelight. I took a cold shower and my dry shampoo really pulled it’s weight. I’m also surprised my makeup didn’t look like a three year old did arts and crafts on my face. I had a granola bar for breakfast since I was trying to be optimistic and keep my fridge closed so some of the food could be saved if the power came on. 

I got home Friday night and no power. I started reading a book by flashlight when I heard a beep. Then another one. beep beep beep My flipping CO2 monitor was going off. After 20 minutes of trying to change the battery and getting it to shut up I got really frustrated and just yanked the damn thing out of the wall. Turns out I’m the hulk when I need to be.

Saturday morning I woke up and still no power. I grabbed Winston and we went to the park. We stayed out of the house all day. I did get to go work out and have a hot shower at the gym. Oh I love my gym. Yall I didn’t have power until Saturday night. SATURDAY night. Everything in my fridge was spoiled. I had to throw away everything save the condiments. Anyone want some katsup? 

I went grocery shopping Sunday, came home, put everything away, turned on some tv, and screamed as the power went out AGAIN. This wasn’t like a oh-I-stepped-on-something-squishy scream, nor was it a oh-no-I-dropped-this-cake-that-took-me-hours-to-frost scream, it was a ARE-YOU-EFFING-KIDDING-ME-IM-GOING-TO-BREAK-SO-MANY-THINGS scream. Seriously, I’m pretty sure my neighbors were wondering what was going on. It finally came back on a few hours later. 

How did I celebrate? Watching Madam Secretary, having a glass of wine, moving my furniture around, and baking pumpkin bread and banana bread. I used a lot of power last night and I don’t give a fig about it. 

My plan this weekend was to get this blog all in order and get my life finally squared away but that didn’t really get to happen.

Check back this week for some substance… 


Presently Speaking

Feeling: Exhausted. I feel like a baby for saying this but, having a full time job (even one I don’t get paid for yet) is exhausting! I come home from work and all I want to do is pass out. I’ve actually done that once or twice…

Reading: The Good Book. Right after the bar I purchased a new bible. I wanted one that felt more like a novel rather than my study guide Catholic Women’s Bible. I love my CWB because when I want to delve deeper into the history or meaning behind the Word it serve that purpose. However, I also wanted a book. I wanted to read the story. While I love studying the Bible I feel like I connect to it on a different level when I read it as a story rather than an assignment. 

Listening to: Shake it Off by T Swift and Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj. I have been jammin in my car. A few people have been staring but I don’t care I keep on car dancing! 

Thankful for: The Apple store. I was having major problems with my phone and the software on it. I went in three times to Apple and they tried to fix it. Finally on the last time they gave me a new phone even though mine was out of warranty. They even called me two days later to ask me how everything was going. I’m impressed. 

Thinking about: How I can become more involved in my Church. I’m currently serving as a Lector but I still feel the need to get more involved. I really wish we had a young professionals/young adult/whatever type of ministry. Maybe I’ll have to start one… 

Eating: Nothing special. I’m taking stock of my fridge and pantry and trying to plan my meals out so I use it all up. I have a feeling I’ll be living on soup for a while. At least the soups are good right?! I really want to make this. I mean how delicious do those bites sound? 

Watching:  Scandal, Madam Secretary, How to Get Away With Murder, and RHONJ. Yall I don’t have homework anymore. I can actually watch tv! I keep having these random freak outs where I go ‘oh no I need to read for class!’ then I realize I don’t have class anymore and I do a little happy dance and watch Kerry Washington kick some butt in DC. 

Loving: The Starbucks app. How did I go through law school and not know about this app? I mean I can put all my giftcards on there and it gives you coupons! Wow. My coffee routine has been forever changed. 

Looking forward to:  November. Bar Results come in. Need I say more? 

What’s up with you?


Life’s Moments

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”
– Cesare Pavese

these blueberry greek yogurt pancakes have been on heavy rotation in the morning

still going through my pictures from Turkey and I keep returning to these evil eyes

a normal Thursday morning for me now, yes that is lipstick, shocking I know

I had to run up to SMU for a hot second and look what I spotted! Second full row, second full picture from the right THATS ME!

have you seen these head pieces at target? I had a field day trying them on after work one night

winston was getting really tired of helping with laundry

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Presently Speaking

this picture was taken my birthday night in Selcuk, Turkey!

Feeling: Refreshed. Spending time traveling and making myself not worry about anything law related has been refreshing. It’s been good for my mind, my soul, and my body. I feel great! 

Reading:   Outlander! I watched the first episode of the starz series, but since I don’t have starz I can’t keep going, and I loved it! So I’m starting the series! I figure I can’t get through the entire series on this trip so I should be good!

Listening to:   The call to prayer. It still wakes me up every morning but while I, at first, found it intense, I now find it rather wonderful. Even though I’m not Muslim I like how you feel the bells in your entire body. It’s as if the entire city or Allah is personally calling Muslims to come pray. I must admit, I’ve started saying a quick prayer or having a conversation with Jesus when I hear the bells. I think God approves. 

Thankful for: My mother. She’s my travel companion and my best friend. Without her I wouldn’t be on this trip and I would not have gotten to experience half of the things I do. She’s wonderful. 

Thinking about: What I’m going to see tomorrow!

Eating:  Anything and everything ethnic I can. I like some, I dislike some, and I love some. I’m bringing home some spices that I am planning on incorporating into my everyday life!

Watching: Real Housewives of New Jersey! And what else…. oh yeah, Tyrant, Rizzoli & Isles, Game of Crowns, The Last Ship, and The Musketeers… yeah I’ve been watching a lot of tv! 

Loving: The fact that I celebrated my birthday in another country! How awesome is that?! 

Looking forward to:  Tomorrow. It’s going to be a great day and I cannot wait to see what it brings! 

What’s up with you?