Drinking Wine and Feeling Fine

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Napa! What a fantastic and inebriated trip! Here are some of the (in my opinion) better snaps from my trip last weekend!

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We did Napa in two days and I could have stayed for an entire week! Eight wineries in two days was… interesting. The first day we biked and I couldn’t recommend that more, it was a beautiful day and you didn’t feel so bad about actually drinking the wine since you were going to go bike another mile to get to the next winery. Plus, the bike company brings you lunch at your “lunch time” winery stop and there was a fantastic selection. If you bike make sure you read up on California’s Cycling under the Influence law (yeah I’m not joking) and stay in the bike lane!

The second day we visited wineries that were a little farther away from each other so we rented a limo, there were nine of us after all and it was a bachelorette party! Some of my favorite wineries were Regusci, Clos du Val, and Domaine Caneros.

Regusci’s staff were amazing and incredibly friendly. Plus, they have the cutest puppy running around, puppies and wine, how can it get better?

Clos du Val’s grounds are beautiful and they make a wonderful place to have lunch and to get some pictures in the vines. The pictures where you see the building covered in greenery in Clos du Val.

Domaine Caneros was quite possibly my favorite because it’s Champagne. I could have done all my tastings there. Tip: ask to try some of their other bottles, they’ll let you and then you might find yourself buying one or two… not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

I would recommend a trip to Napa for everyone! I feel like you could visit with a few different groups of people and never have the same trip twice!

What are you favorite wineries in Napa?


Wanderlust Wednesday: Hungary

I apparently have a great urge to visit Eastern Europe. First Prague, then Montenegro, now Hungary.

To be honest I hadn’t thought much about visiting Hungary until my mom sent me an email about a prospective biking trip she wants to take and wants me to join next year. I reviewed the itinerary (jumped up and down and said YES) then read up on Hungary. Within about five minutes I was hooked and even more psyched to go. The trip isn’t until next year so I’ve got more than enough time to salivate and the trip starts in Prague… cue the happy dance!

But Hungary has that old world charm that apparently is missing in my life. Let’s take a ten minute daydream trip to Hungary shall we…

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Montenegro

Sky. Sea. Mountains. Beaches. Forests. This place has it all.

Roughly the size of Connecticut, Montenegro has it all and more. This place still has wolves and bears running wild in the forests. Okay, a lot of places have wolves and bears running wild in woods (like Canada) but it still makes me think that this place is something out of a fairy tale. Red Riding Hood anyone? 

When I studied abroad one of my good friends had studied in Montenegro the year previous and she would gush about the country. I knew I would need to see it some day. She would talk about the people and the culture and the landscape, ooooooohhhhh the landscape. To see her remember the landscape just made me want to visit the country more. 

But yall, if you just google Montenegro you’ll see what she was talking about. Or you could scroll down and go write this country on your travel to do list. 

Can everyone just tell me to shut it so we can revel in the majesty that is Montenegro…

Can you see why this place is now at the top of my list of places to travel? 

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Prague

Lately I’ve been daydreaming of taking a trip. I know I just got back from Mexico and for all intents and purposes, Turkey, but I’ve been dreaming of old cities, cobblestones, soaring cathedrals, history, and some damn good pastries. I was flipping through my old AP History books (I see those judging eyes) and I came across the Defenestration of Prague. I have not been able to get Prague out of my head since. 

To me, a world away, Prague seems like the epitome of an old city in the new world. It’s made my list. Actually, it’s sitting pretty at the top of my list. Wandering through the old town square, across the Charles Bridge, and traipsing up to the see the castle that held he crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. A day trip out to the stunningly stark Emperor’s Corridor, then marveling at the Astronomer’s clock, and finally watching my back at the Old Royal Palace. (I am Catholic after all… #historyjoke) 
tell me your mind didn’t go straight to the Beast’s library

Oh yeah Prague also has the pastries covered: the trdelník

When do we leave? 

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Tour the Topkapi

shirt: loft, skirt: I made it via this simple tutorial, scarf: lilly pulitzer, bag: coach, sunnies: rayban, shoes: jack rogers, watch: kate spade (sold out), bracelets: the ropes maine & hm willow, earrings: loren hope, necklace: cocoon jewels

If you follow me on instagram you know I’m in Turkey! And LOVING it! It’s crazy hot and crazy humid so I really didn’t want to run around the city in long sleeves and long skirts. However, when you tour mosques as a woman your head, shoulders, and legs must be covered so I’ve compromised by wearing scarves! 

The key to all my outfits on the trip are the three C’s: Cool, Comfy, Casual Chic. I wanted to look put together but still be able to walk 9+ miles a day around the city!

Istanbul is simply amazing! We leave to travel around the entire country today where there will be some crazy adventures and off the beaten path sights! Stay tuned!