DIY: Chandelier

When I posted this recap of the organization of my disaster of a closet, I got a few emails asking about the chandelier. Well, the secret is that I totally and completely DIY’ed that.

Not only did I DIY that it was basiclly a perfect storm of all the materials and help to get it done.

I started out with a candle holder (on sale) from Michael’s and some wire based jewels. The candle holder was already white so I didn’t need to spray paint it but the problem was that there was that candle dish in the way of where the light bulb was supposed to go… and I had no way to remove that part. Seriously scissors were out, my really thick large wire+ cutters didn’t work (and they usually work for everything else), and I was basically stumped. It’s not like I have a blow torch on my apartment porch.


So I did something that I’m not particularly proud of. I put on something cute, did my hair, put on makeup and went to home depot. I acted like a silly unintelligent girl and the guy at the rent-a-tool center did it for me for free. I went and got him coffee but still. I’m half ashamed and the other half of me feels like I’m brilliant.

The entire chandelier cost me less than $20. Candle Holder: $10, Jewels: $3, Coffee: $5. If we add in the hit my smart-girl psyche took then the cost is over $20… way over.





tote bags

There has been a plethora of canvas tote bags all over my Pinterest lately. Personally I don’t see the draw of having a canvas bag that costs more than my monthly budget. I mean think about it you are probably going to stuff it with a bunch of crap and tote it to the beach and it’s going to get sandy, wet and sun screeny. I saw a post on a blog I like (Capitol Hill Style) about how one of the trends she is sick of is a tote bag that cost more than $100. Hallelujah I wanted to giver her a standing ovation. So I decided I was going to make my own new summer tote for under $15.

The expensive ones:

Mine: (pattern from here) I busted mine out by the pool in Vegas last weekend! Oh and it works great as a second carry on bag when you buy too much and can’t fit it all in your suitcase

Maybe I will make another one now… can you ever have too many bags? NOPE.

make some t-shirt yarn

I wanted to make some t-shirt poufs but in order to do that I needed to make some t-shirt yarn. I searched around for the best-easy-to-understand-clear tutorial and ended up having to combine a few. So here is the culmination of my tutorial mash up:

Take some t-shirts you can part with…

Cut under the graphic and put the graphic away (you can save the graphic for a t-shirt quilt or another project)
Cut the hem off and discard

Fold the shirt so the sides (the non cut sides) are one inch apart and cut from the bottom through the first fold

cut diagonally
you end up with a long pile of t-shirt which you can then wind up and use for any craft you desire!
up next? t-shirt poufs… If I get around to it…

book wreath

I had a blank wall staring at me over Spring Break last week… seriously it was staring at me… so enough was enough, I decided to spice it up and since there is a bookshelf underneath it and I can’t get enough of books I decided to make a book wreath! 
Want to make one too? 
Can you guess what book I used?
HP3 duh
Here is what you need:
a book
scissors (I used the ones that have the decorative edges)
wreath form
straight pins
take all the pages out of the book
cut into different size circles
grab a couple circles, fan them and ‘crimp’ them into a “flower”
stick a pin through them
stick the pin into the wreath
I cut a little bit of ribbon, made a loop and stuck it into the back of the wreath form and hung the wreath from that!
Does it need something else?
I used the same process to make my new door wreath from cupcake liners! yes please!

if you want to make it out of cupcake liners take two and turn one inside out so there isn’t any white showing! you can also wrap the wreath form in tissue paper or ribbon so there isn’t any of the form showing!
Have a wonderful day! 

infinity scarf

So I really found this infinity scarf I wanted to buy since my Texas butt is freezing in Minneapolis but alas I am a poor law student and I decided hey I could make this! Well, I actually ended up making three… I’m probably going to wear scarves everyday this week… 
I got a couple yards of fabric before Christmas break and I decided to use some of them. I had got a couple yards of interesting flannel prints that were on sale. for each scarf you need about 2 yards of the fabric.
1) Cut the fabric into one large rectangle 2yds L x the width of the fabric 
2) Turn them inside out and pin the edges together (hint: if you don’t cut two rectangles and just cut one large one you won’t have to sew two long edges… for you experiences sewers that isn’t anything to you but to us little baby beginners that a whole lotta space for me to screw up)

3) WRONG SIDES FACING OUT sew up two sides, one width and the only ‘non-sewn’ length. Leave the other width open or if you’re a pro at the invisible stitch sew up most of the second width but leave a small space to turn it out in a second
4) turn the scarf right side out and pin the sewn width into the other width as shown or if you sewed the width then close it up (the picture is showing the closed width going into open one… but you must connect the ends, I took this picture so you could see the process)

5) either use a interesting stitch to sew it closed (this part will be on your back so who really cares) or use an invisible stitch to stitch the two widths together
6) press

7) stay warm!